Scintilla - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Scintilla.

  1. (nontechnical usage) a tiny piece of anything
  2. (physics and chemistry) the smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element
  1. the physical composition of something (especially with respect to the size and shape of the small constituents of a substance); "breadfruit has the same texture as bread"; "sand of a fine grain"; "fish with a delicate flavor and texture"; "a stone of coarse grain"
  2. the direction, texture, or pattern of fibers found in wood or leather or stone or in a woven fabric; "saw the board across the grain"
  3. the smallest possible unit of anything; "there was a grain of truth in what he said"; "he does not have a grain of sense"
  4. foodstuff prepared from the starchy grains of cereal grasses
  5. become granular
  6. a relatively small granular particle of a substance; "a grain of sand"; "a grain of sugar"
  7. form into grains
  8. a cereal grass; "wheat is a grain that is grown in Kansas"
  9. paint (a surface) to make it look like stone or wood
  10. dry seed-like fruit produced by the cereal grasses: e.g. wheat, barley, Indian corn
  1. the 9th letter of the Greek alphabet
  2. a tiny or scarcely detectable amount
  1. a tiny or scarcely detectable amount
  1. a tiny or scarcely detectable amount

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