Ended - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 02/03/2024

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Ended.

8 letter answer(s) to ended

  1. (of materials or goods) brought to the desired final state; "a finished product"
  2. (of skills or the products of skills) brought to or having the greatest excellence; perfected; "a dazzling and finished piece of writing"; "a finished violinist"
  3. brought to ruin; "after the revolution the aristocracy was finished"; "the unsuccessful run for office left him ruined politically and economically"
  4. cause to finish a relationship with somebody; "That finished me with Mary"
  5. come or bring to a finish or an end; "He finished the dishes"; "She completed the requirements for her Master's Degree"; "The fastest runner finished the race in just over 2 hours; others finished in over 4 hours"
  6. ended or brought to an end; "are you finished?"; "gave me the finished manuscript"
  7. finally be or do something; "He ended up marrying his high school sweetheart"; "he wound up being unemployed and living at home again"
  8. finish eating all the food on o
  1. come about or follow as a consequence; "nothing will result from this meeting"
  2. have as a result or residue; "The water left a mark on the silk dress"; "Her blood left a stain on the napkin"
  3. issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.); end; "result in tragedy"

4 letter answer(s) to ended

  1. (cricket) the division of play during which six balls are bowled at the batsman by one player from the other team from the same end of the pitch
  2. at or to a point across intervening space etc.; "come over and see us some time"; "over there"
  3. beyond the top or upper surface or edge; forward from an upright position; "a roof that hangs over";
  4. having come or been brought to a conclusion; "the harvesting was complete"; "the affair is over, ended, finished"; "the abruptly terminated interview"
  5. over the entire area; "the wallpaper was covered all over with flowers"; "she ached all over"; "everything was dusted over with a fine layer of soot"
  6. throughout a period of time; "stay over the weekend"
  7. throughout an area; "he is known the world over"

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