Over - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 09/10/2023

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Over.

5 letter answer(s) to over

  1. an earlier section of a written text; "for instructions refer to the above"
  2. appearing earlier in the same text; "flaws in the above interpretation"
  3. at an earlier place; "see above"
  4. in or to a place that is higher
  1. anew; "she tried again"; "they rehearsed the scene again"
  1. be the end of; be the last or concluding part of; "This sad scene ended the movie"
  2. bring to an end or halt; "She ended their friendship when she found out that he had once been convicted of a crime"; "The attack on Poland terminated the relatively peaceful period after WW I"
  3. have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical;
  4. having come or been brought to a conclusion; "the harvesting was complete"; "the affair is over, ended, finished"; "the abruptly terminated interview"
  5. put an end to; "The terrible news ended our hopes that he had survived"

6 letter answer(s) to over

  1. to the opposite side; "the football field was 300 feet across"
  2. transversely; "the marble slabs were cut across"
  1. again but in a new or different way; "start afresh"; "wanted to write the story anew"; "starting life anew in a fresh place"

4 letter answer(s) to over

  1. again but in a new or different way; "start afresh"; "wanted to write the story anew"; "starting life anew in a fresh place"
  1. on, to, or at the top
  1. arrange attractively; "dress my hair for the wedding"
  2. be sufficient; be adequate, either in quality or quantity; "A few words would answer"; "This car suits my purpose well"; "Will $100 do?"; "A 'B' grade doesn't suffice to get me into medical school"; "Nothing else will serve"
  3. behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself; "You should act like an adult"; "Don't behave like a fool"; "What makes her do this way?"; "The dog acts ferocious, but he is really afraid of people"
  4. carry on or function; "We could do with a little more help around here"
  5. carry out or perform an action; "John did the painting, the weeding, and he cleaned out the gutters"; "the skater executed a triple pirouette"; "she did a little dance"
  6. carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions; "practice law"
  7. Cooked to perfection
  8. cooked until ready to serve
  9. create or design, often in a certain way; "Do my room i
  1. a earlier period in someone's life (especially one that they have reason to keep secret); "reporters dug into the candidate's past"
  2. a verb tense that expresses actions or states in the past
  3. earlier than the present time; no longer current; "time past"; "his youth is past"; "this past Thursday"; "the past year"
  4. of a person who has held and relinquished a position or office; "a retiring member of the board"
  5. so as to pass a given point; "every hour a train goes past"
  6. the time that has elapsed; "forget the past"
  1. On; -- used in all the senses of that word, with which it is interchangeable.

7 letter answer(s) to over


9 letter answer(s) to over

  1. be greater in scope or size than some standard;
  2. be or do something to a greater degree;
  3. far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree; "a night of exceeding darkness"; "an exceptional memory"; "olympian efforts to save the city from bankruptcy"; "the young Mozart's prodigious talents"
  4. go beyond
  5. surpass

8 letter answer(s) to over

  1. (of materials or goods) brought to the desired final state; "a finished product"
  2. (of skills or the products of skills) brought to or having the greatest excellence; perfected; "a dazzling and finished piece of writing"; "a finished violinist"
  3. brought to ruin; "after the revolution the aristocracy was finished"; "the unsuccessful run for office left him ruined politically and economically"
  4. cause to finish a relationship with somebody; "That finished me with Mary"
  5. come or bring to a finish or an end; "He finished the dishes"; "She completed the requirements for her Master's Degree"; "The fastest runner finished the race in just over 2 hours; others finished in over 4 hours"
  6. ended or brought to an end; "are you finished?"; "gave me the finished manuscript"
  7. finally be or do something; "He ended up marrying his high school sweetheart"; "he wound up being unemployed and living at home again"
  8. finish eating all the food on o

3 letter answer(s) to over


11 letter answer(s) to over


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Lecturer, English, finished
Legend of Tees? It's rubbish
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Long ago
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Looking down on sixteen characters
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Military official elected — for a second term?
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Muslim leader elected for a further time
Not deigning to consider
Not for first time opposed to abandoning street
Not for the first time
Not just once
Not this way
Ocean waves go fast, as before
Ocean waves perhaps get bigger afresh
Old commander elected for the second time?
On a drug, coming up
On the back burner, perha
On the opposite bank
On the other hand
On the other side of
On the other side of a bridge
On the peak
On the peak of
On the predecessors of Q
On the summit of
On top of
Once again
Once more
Once more afforded Soho? Odd places only
Once more in range earlier
Once more, again
One may be checkered
One more time
One regretting hiding key for deliveryman?
One way to start
Out of the oven, say
Oven, hot once more
Over - not down!
Over 501
Over again
Over and done with
Over eight thirteenths of the alphabet?
Over half these clues!
Over sixteen letters
Part of many British plac
Partner of beyond
Perched on
Piano teacher's request,
Piece of fish I dropped: that's done it
Placed above all the other politicians, initially
Pour very shakily for dealer
Prayer about body half lost in heaven?
Preceding on the page
Previously mentioned
Pulled the plug on
Put paid to journalists concealing name
Put the kibosh on
Question shouted in exasp
Range currently stocked? At a subsequent time, rather
Read ___ (study)
Ready to be removed from
Ready to come off the sto
Ready to come out of the
Ready to serve
Ready, in the kitchen
Reportedly did well in exam for history
Resting on
Riding on
Right at one's peak
Saga inevitably reduced in length once more
Sailor almost finished in the crow's nest?
Second word in many a fai
Second word of many fairy
See above
Set eyes on article in stew
Signal to include large hint
Signed off
Silent, now
Sitting on
Situated on
Something to bear throughout
Stopped pair of journalists covering news at first
Stove at home once more
Stove lit for second time
Stove popular once more?
Stratford-Avon link
Successful solver's cry
Superimposed on
Superior to
Supported by
Thoroughly cooked
Till you get it right
Time gone by
Time machine's destinatio
Time's partner
To the other side
Unlike this answer
Versed in
Very soon after
Was over
Way to start
Well-informed about
Well-versed in
What voter can contribute to the Far Right?
Whip almost slicing bottom, as is this?
Word in some British plac
Wound up
Wrapped up
___ reflection
___ the aisle (bipartisan
___ the board
___-Turn (sign)

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