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norah (admin)

24th May 2015, 10:05
NEWCOMERS - ignore the first few threads. From a very dodgy start, this has miraculously managed to turn into a very pleasant chatty thread where everyone is talking together in a really friendly manner. Just like going to the coffee shop and enjoying having a chat with your friends.

I have been being receiving complaints for some time about the long ongoing thread mainly between Elle and Rusty and it seems to have come to a head in the last week. One or two users have even considered the possibility of leaving the Forum because of the dominance of this thread.

I have emailed Rusty and Elle and neither they, nor Ash and myself, want anyone to leave the Forum. To this end I have deleted the thread, together with the other long one. Rusty has asked to be banned to save him being tempted to join in another chatty thread but so far I have resisted, his input on crossword threads has been very welcome and it seems a shame to lose it.

In order to prevent the same situation recurring in the future, please note the following :

Ash and myself want all users to continue using the Forum in the friendly spirit which exists at present, we send you our best wishes for the Bank holiday and hope you have some decent weather.

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norah (admin)

25th May 2015, 09:26
Bumping to the top to give everyone a chance to read the post, it has been a very busy weekend with lots of posts.

Users who know Rusty will be very glad to hear that I have pursuaded him not to leave the Forum. He has not been banned but rather is taking a well earned break and will be back soon.

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25th May 2015, 11:39
Hi Norah

I know you have an unenviable task trying to keep everyone happy but what do you consider to be a long thread?

I think I must be stupid or totally missing the point. The named thread was obviously a communication between two friendly people. No-one else needed to open it if they didn't want to.

Come back soon Rusty. You made valuable contributions to this forum.

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25th May 2015, 12:09
How mean can people get, some people will complain that water is too wet, ban the complainers and this would be a happier, inviting, and often stimulating place to visit. Like it once was. oh well!
btw i'm still banned and I haven't heard from Norah.
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25th May 2015, 12:53
I agree T(r)evor. It used to be fun.

If I wanted to complain I wouldn't do it anonymously either.
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25th May 2015, 12:58
A thread with however many replies only takes up one space on the forum page. Multiple threads for the same crosswords are more of an annoyance. The mentioned thread is clearly marked and can easily be ignored Very petty!
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norah (admin)

25th May 2015, 13:13
First of all, a long thread is one that goes on, and on, and on, and on, and about which I get complaints that it is dominating the Forum. Each case will be decided on its own merits. I took the decision that enough was enough and I don't intend apologising for that decision.

And Trevor/Tevor you have received an email from me. It was sent on 18 May, perhaps you would like to check your Inbox associated with the Tevor account.
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25th May 2015, 13:13
the phrase "because of the dominance of this thread" baffled me too Bernie.
Has Celadan's 1000 strong thread been removed too? that should be treated like a listed building. Seems the only people that have any say in how things are done here are petty curtain twitchers.
i can imagine Rusty and Elle feel a bit hurt and shocked, they just don't deserve to be made to feel bad for being nice, it annoys me.
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25th May 2015, 13:17
Sorry Norah, My Tevor account is not accessable to me.
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25th May 2015, 13:28
I don't read this thread but certainly don't feel dominated by it....if "chatty threads" are OK why not keep it as it is rather than have numerous offshoots...won't that annoy the complainers even more?
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