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18th March 2023, 00:36
I'm sure that this was good in Picaroon's head, but I hated it. Very unsatisfying.
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18th March 2023, 00:53
I thought it was all right and enjoyed the puzzle.

Maybe not among Picaroon's finest, but Prize-worthy IMO with plenty of good clues. Thanks to "Pickers".

I had some trouble, feared a DNF but fortunately a few pesky near-forgotten words came to mind. Didn't even have to consult Google, which is rare for Prizes.

Don't see a theme, but there seem to be a lot of "almost" or "incomplete word/term" clues, which I found clever and took time to parse.

FOI 23a. Started slowly, but got 9 early, which was encouraging.
LOI 24.

Have to go with 11 as COD, 22 runner-up. The long list for COD also included 12, 24, 9, 8, 15, 4, 3, 14 and 17!
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18th March 2023, 01:00
An enjoyable Prize puzzle from Picaroon that, even though it was at the easier end of the scale, still managed to cover a wide array of subjects.

If you do get stuck there is at least one hidden in the acrosses and at least one long anagram in the downs.

22d - This is the only clue I still haven't properly parsed .... cancel that, I've just seen it - very clever (the clue, not me!)

COD - lots of contenders this week with 12a, 11a (which I'm sure Geeker will appreciate) and 9d, but my favourite is the clever 19a - material that is found at the end of a sonnet? (5)

Thanks to Picaroon for a most enjoyable Prize crossword.

Leave a comment letting us know how you got on and, if you do get stuck, just post your queries on here - there'll always be someone on hand to help.

Stay safe:-)
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18th March 2023, 01:57
Mixed feelings for me. Not his best, but not too bad. Slightly more difficult than usual for a Prize for me. 16 made me chuckle so gets my vote for COD.
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18th March 2023, 07:56
Making OK progress so far. What am I missing about 10a? Can't parse it at all.
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18th March 2023, 08:34
Hi Rocky, it parses 2,4,1. Could equally well be anywhere in France
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18th March 2023, 09:13
Thanks for 10a, jono - I needed the parsimg too.
Favourite 17d.
I thought 16a rather weak - they must study a very restricted range of subjects!
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18th March 2023, 09:21
Struggled to finish but I don’t get the parsing of 3D.
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18th March 2023, 09:23
if you add a letter to the end you get a notorious force
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18th March 2023, 09:52
Thanks Chrise
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