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14th June 2022, 10:28
It is with sadnes that I write that one of our longest-serving, well-loved and respected members, Mamya, passed peacefully away last evening 13th June at home surrounded by her loved ones and family.

Some of you may already have seen the messages of condolence on another forum and I add my sincere condolences here to her family.

Mamya (Lynne) was always very helpful to everyone, and had a wiseness and wonderful sense of humour. She was always the gentle voice of calm and reason on several occasions here. She will be very much missed by all who knew her

Rest in Peace, Lynne x
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14th June 2022, 10:38
Very sad indeed. I agree with all you say, jazzgirl.

(BBM2 had given the news on the Clueless thread.)
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norah (admin)

14th June 2022, 11:00
Jazzgirl, thank you for telling us about Mamya, it is very sad news and Lynne will be a big loss to the forum.
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14th June 2022, 13:16
RIP Lynne x
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14th June 2022, 13:32
RIP Lynne. You will be very much missed.
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14th June 2022, 15:14
Thanks, jazzgirl. Mamya's unstinting help - and unstinting patience and kindness - will be missed here.
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14th June 2022, 16:41
It was Mamya who replied to my very first question on this Forum. She was always so helpful and the patience of a saint. She'll be sadly missed - RIP
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14th June 2022, 19:29
Such sad news and what a great solver she was. Great respect and condolences.
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15th June 2022, 09:11
Sad news indeed. Although not such a frequent contributor lately (I know she had problems with her eyesight) I fondly remember several conversations (usually in the wee small hours with a few others no longer with us) and I always appreciated her insight, humility and mischievous wit.
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15th June 2022, 11:48

Yes, Lynne had poor vision, but she was determined to continue to help others oline with anything that was troubling them and offering some kind of solution. She became a marvellous agony aunt to many people

Then, a few months ago, she became ill and it was announced only recently that she had been diagnosed with multiple-sited carcinomas and was terminally ill.

She decided she did not want further treatment so it was arranged for her to return home where she wished to be.


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