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18th October 2020, 00:38
Quite a different Everyman this week in as much as the clues appear much wordier than usual.

In terms of difficulty I'd say it's quite a bit harder than of late - but, as we all know, this is very subjective.

If you do get stuck there's a trio of hiddens in the bottom half of the down clues and a very long anagram in the acrosses.

My FOI was 15d followed by what appears a homophone of someone with a NY accent in 15a (toidy toid and toid - as absolutely no one ever says!)

COD - there are some great clues, 5d for example, but I'm going with 16a which has a lovely surface and a wonderful bit of misdirection.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask for a hint if you get stuck, there are always people on here willing to help.

Thanks to Everyman for a fun puzzle.

Stay safe:-)
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18th October 2020, 02:11
I found this one not too difficult and i enjoyed the double B words -- will say no more -- but I can't parse 9ac, Time, perhaps, for everyone old to call about the cold. The answer has to do with time but where does the rest fit in? Is there an abbreviation for old people in it? Happy Sunday to you all.
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18th October 2020, 02:18
Hi Ethereal,

9a is very tricky - 3 letter word for "every" + single letter for "one" + single letter for "old" then a 4 letter word for "call" (as in phone) around a single letter for "cold" - definition is "Time, perhaps"
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18th October 2020, 02:19
Sorry - 3 letter word for "for every"..then the rest as I said before.
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18th October 2020, 02:47
Morning all,
Game of two halves for me. Bottom half went in smoothly but the top half was rather tricky. Some quite convoluted parsings to be found, 1a and 9a in particular, but good fun. It helped sensing that there would be some connection between the long acrossers and indeed there was. 11a has a rather curious use of ‘involving’ I thought.
I’m still uncertain on 19d which will be my LOI. Will think on it...
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18th October 2020, 02:50
Agree about difficulty level, clue choices, etc. Stuck on 19D, but suspect I've been out of the country too long. Will visit Albion's shores again when the Blighty Blight (i hope that catches on) abates.
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18th October 2020, 03:13
...and 19d just clicked in a PDM
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18th October 2020, 08:08
Morning. I don't often contribute but felt the urge today. I found this a bit of a slog which wasn't helped by me getting 14a the wrong way round - so to speak - but it was ultimately enjoyable nonetheless. I find the old football cliche applies to Everyman these days - i.e. you don't know which Everyman is going to turn up - but I've got used to that now and find that I'm looking forward to the Sunday morning challenge. 1a threw me for quite a while as well as I was drawn down a different "Rubens-esque" path :-) Thanks to Everyman and keep up the good work with the discussion - it's much appreciated in these parts.
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18th October 2020, 09:02
I haven't done an Everyman for a week or two (golf Sundays usually), but I found this much harder than I remember. I've not parsed 19d (assuming I'm right - is it a board game?).

My favourite was 16a too. Before getting 6d I spent some time trying to parse RACING CAR!
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18th October 2020, 09:08
Hi Chris, yes they’ve been getting tougher in recent weeks, though some would say more variable in difficulty. I have a board game as a component of 19d (two letters) and a parsing that I think works, though it’s entirely conceivable I’m wrong
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