See note - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 12/05/2024

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue See note.

2 letter answer(s) to see note

  1. a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite
  2. a state in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
  1. a state in midwestern United States
  1. a state in New England
  1. a midwestern state in central United States; a border state during the American Civil War, Missouri was admitted to the Confederacy without actually seceding from the Union
  2. an indefinitely short time; "wait just a moment"; "in a mo"; "it only takes a minute"; "in just a bit"
  3. Molybdenum - a polyvalent metallic element that resembles chromium and tungsten in its properties; used to strengthen and harden steel
  1. a radioactive transuranic element
  2. a state in northwestern United States on the Canadian border
  3. t - tonne (ton) - a unit of weight equivalent to 1000 kilograms
  4. the use of computers to translate from one language to another
  1. a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations; "great care is taken to keep the operating rooms aseptic"
  2. a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific
  1. a state in east central United States
  1. a state in the western United States; settled in 1847 by Mormons led by Brigham Young
  2. the local time at the 0 meridian passing through Greenwich, England; it is the same everywhere
  3. the syllable naming the first (tonic) note of any major scale in solmization

10 letter answer(s) to see note

  1. a performance of a play
  2. of or relating to the theater
  3. suited to or characteristic of the stage or theater; "a theatrical pose"; "one of the most theatrical figures in public life"
  1. line marking the upper limit of tree growth in mountains or northern latitudes
  1. a change from one place or state or subject or stage to another
  2. a musical passage moving from one key to another
  3. a passage that connects a topic to one that follows
  4. an event that results in a transformation
  5. cause to convert or undergo a transition; "the company had to transition the old practices to modern technology"
  6. make or undergo a transition (from one state or system to another); "The airline transitioned to more fuel-efficient jets"; "The adagio transitioned into an allegro"
  7. the act of passing from one state or place to the next
  1. change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically; "How fast does your new car go?"; "We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus"; "The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect"; "The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell"; "news travelled fast"
  2. make a trip for pleasure
  3. the act of going from one place to another; "he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel"
  4. travel from place to place, as for the purpose of finding work, preaching, or acting as a judge
  5. travel upon or across; "travel the oceans"
  6. undergo transportation as in a vehicle; "We travelled North on Rte. 508"
  7. undertake a journey or trip
  1. (N) A raincoat made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton gabardine drill, or leather, or poplin (alt trench coat)
  1. conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods; "clandestine intelligence operations"; "cloak-and-dagger activities behind enemy lines"; "hole-and-corner intrigue"; "secret missions"; "a secret agent"; "secret sales of arms"; "surreptitious mobilization of troops"; "an undercover investigation"; "underground resistance"
  1. lacking a surface finish such as paint; "bare wood"; "unfinished furniture"
  2. not brought to an end or conclusion; "unfinished business"; "the building is still unfinished"
  3. not brought to the desired final state
  4. still to do, as a loose end
  1. a large and diverse institution of higher learning created to educate for life and for a profession and to grant degrees
  2. establishment where a seat of higher learning is housed, including administrative and living quarters as well as facilities for research and teaching
  3. the body of faculty and students at a university

11 letter answer(s) to see note

  1. a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen
  1. (followed by `of') not knowing or perceiving; "happily unconscious of the new calamity at home"- Charles Dickens
  2. not conscious; lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception as if asleep or dead; "lay unconscious on the floor"
  3. that part of the mind wherein psychic activity takes place of which the person is unaware
  4. without conscious volition

6 letter answer(s) to see note

  1. a crucial stage or turning point in the course of something; "after the crisis the patient either dies or gets better"
  2. an unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty; "they went bankrupt during the economic crisis"
  1. a person who is the aim of an attack (especially a victim of ridicule or exploitation) by some hostile person or influence; "he fell prey to muggers"; "everyone was fair game"; "the target of a manhunt"
  2. a reference point to shoot at; "his arrow hit the mark"
  3. aims
  4. intend (something) to move towards a certain goal;
  5. sports equipment consisting of an object set up for a marksman or archer to aim at
  6. the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable);
  7. the location of the target that is to be hit
  1. a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment)
  2. a label written or printed on paper, cardboard, or plastic that is attached to something to indicate its owner, nature, price, etc.
  3. a list of candidates nominated by a political party to run for election to public offices
  4. a summons issued to an offender (especially to someone who violates a traffic regulation)
  5. issue a ticket or a fine to as a penalty; "I was fined for parking on the wrong side of the street"; "Move your car or else you will be ticketed!"
  6. provide with a ticket for passage or admission; "Ticketed passengers can board now"
  7. the appropriate or desirable thing; "this car could be just the ticket for a small family"
  1. a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination
  2. a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
  3. misfortune resulting in lost effort or money; "his career was in the gutter"; "all that work went down the sewer"; "pensions are in the toilet"
  4. the act of dressing and preparing yourself; "he made his morning toilet and went to breakfast"
  1. a movement through space that changes the location of something
  2. change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically; "How fast does your new car go?"; "We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus"; "The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect"; "The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell"; "news travelled fast"
  3. make a trip for pleasure
  4. self-propelled movement
  5. the act of going from one place to another; "he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel"
  6. travel from place to place, as for the purpose of finding work, preaching, or acting as a judge
  7. travel upon or across; "travel the oceans"
  8. undergo transportation as in a vehicle; "We travelled North on Rte. 508"
  9. undertake a journey or trip
  1. not fair; marked by injustice or partiality or deception; "used unfair methods"; "it was an unfair trial"; "took an unfair advantage"
  1. extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell; "something demonic in him--something that could be cruel"; "fires lit up a diabolic scene"; "diabolical sorcerers under the influence of devils"; "a fiendish despot"; "hellish torture"; "infernal instruments of war"; "satanic cruelty"; "unholy grimaces"
  2. having committed unrighteous acts; "a sinful person"
  3. not hallowed or consecrated
  1. of an incalculable amount;
  1. communicated in the form of words; "verbal imagery"; "a verbal protest"
  2. expressed in spoken words; "a verbal contract"
  3. of or relating to or formed from a verb; "verbal adjectives like `running' in `hot and cold running water'"
  4. of or relating to or formed from words in general; "verbal ability"
  5. prolix; "you put me to forget a lady's manners by being so verbal"- Shakespeare
  6. relating to or having facility in the use of words; "a good poet is a verbal artist"; "a merely verbal writer who sacrifices content to sound"; "verbal aptitude"
  1. (astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Virgo
  2. a person who has never had sex
  3. being used or worked for the first time; "virgin wool"
  4. in a state of sexual virginity; "pure and vestal modesty"; "a spinster or virgin lady"; "men have decreed that their women must be pure and virginal"
  5. the sixth sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about August 23 to September 22
  1. being or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language; "common parlance"; "a vernacular term"; "vernacular speakers"; "the vulgar tongue of the masses"; "the technical and vulgar names for an animal species"
  2. coarse
  3. conspicuously and tastelessly indecent; "coarse language"; "a crude joke"; "crude behavior"; "an earthy sense of humor"; "a revoltingly gross expletive"; "a vulgar gesture"; "full of language so vulgar it should have been edited"
  4. lacking refinement or cultivation or taste; "he had coarse manners but a first-rate mind"; "behavior that branded him as common"; "an untutored and uncouth human being"; "an uncouth soldier--a real tough guy"; "appealing to the vulgar taste for violence"; "the vulgar display of the newly rich"
  5. of or associated with the great masses of people; "the common people in those days suffered greatly"; "behavior that branded him as common"; "his square plebeian nose"; "a vulgar and objectionable person"; "the un

4 letter answer(s) to see note

  1. a folded part (as in skin or muscle)
  2. a geological process that causes a bend in a stratum of rock
  3. a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church
  4. a group of sheep or goats
  5. a pen for sheep
  6. an angular or rounded shape made by folding; "a fold in the napkin"; "a crease in his trousers"; "a plication on her blouse"; "a flexure of the colon"; "a bend of his elbow"
  7. become folded or folded up; "The bed folds in a jiffy"
  8. bend or lay so that one part covers the other; "fold up the newspaper"; "turn up your collar"
  9. confine in a fold, like sheep
  10. incorporate a food ingredient into a mixture by repeatedly turning it over without stirring or beating; "Fold the egg whites into the batter"
  11. the act of folding; "he gave the napkins a double fold"
  1. a brief statement; "he didn't say a word about it"
  2. a promise; "he gave his word"
  3. a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group; "he forgot the password"
  4. a unit of language that native speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made"; "he hardly said ten words all morning"
  5. a verbal command for action; "when I give the word, charge!"
  6. a word is a string of bits stored in computer memory; "large computers use words up to 64 bits long"
  7. an exchange of views on some topic; "we had a good discussion"; "we had a word or two about it"
  8. information about recent and important events; "they awaited news of the outcome"
  9. put into words or an expression; "He formulated his concerns to the board of trustees"
  10. the divine word of God; the second person in the Trinity (incarnate in Jesus)
  11. the sacred writings of the Christian religions; "he went to carry the Word to the he

7 letter answer(s) to see note

  1. Of or pertaining to a town.
  1. caused by or designed to retain heat; "a thermal burn"; "thermal underwear"
  2. of or relating to a hot spring; "thermal water"
  3. relating to or associated with heat; "thermal movements of molecules"; "thermal capacity"; "thermic energy"; "the caloric effect of sunlight"
  4. rising current of warm air
  1. A Toby Jug – also sometimes known as a Fillpot (or Philpot) – is a pottery jug in the form of a seated person, or the head of a recognizable person (often an English king).
  1. buying and selling; especially illicit trade
  2. deal illegally; "traffic drugs"
  3. social or verbal interchange (usually followed by `with')
  4. the aggregation of things (pedestrians or vehicles) coming and going in a particular locality during a specified period of time
  5. the amount of activity over a communication system during a given period of time; "heavy traffic overloaded the trunk lines"; "traffic on the internet is lightest during the night"
  6. trade or deal a commodity; "They trafficked with us for gold"
  1. (informal) small and of little importance; "a fiddling sum of money"; "a footling gesture"; "our worries are lilliputian compared with those of countries that are at war"; "a little (or small) matter"; "a dispute over niggling details"; "limited to petty enterprises"; "piffling efforts"; "giving a police officer a free meal may be against the law, but it seems to be a picayune infraction"
  2. concerned with trivialities; "a trivial young woman"; "a trivial mind"
  3. of little substance or significance; "a few superficial editorial changes"; "only trivial objections"
  1. root of any of several members of the mustard family
  2. widely cultivated plant having a large fleshy edible white or yellow root
  1. characterized by or constituting a form of government in which power is held by one central authority; "a unitary as opposed to a federal form of government"
  2. having the indivisible character of a unit; "a unitary action"; "spoke with one voice"
  3. of or pertaining to or involving the use of units; "a unitary method was applied"; "established a unitary distance on which to base subsequent calculations"
  4. relating to or characterized by or aiming toward unity; "the unitary principles of nationalism"; "a unitary movement in politics"
  1. a variable whose values are solutions of an equation
  2. an unknown and unexplored region; "they came like angels out the unknown"
  3. anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found
  4. being or having an unknown or unnamed source; "a poem by an unknown author"; "corporations responsible to nameless owners"; "an unnamed donor"
  5. not famous or acclaimed; "an obscure family"; "unsung heroes of the war"
  6. not known before; "used many strange words"; "saw many strange faces in the crowd"; "don't let anyone unknown into the house"
  7. not known to exist; "things obscurely felt surged up from unknown depths"
  8. not known; "an unknown amount"; "an unknown island"; "an unknown writer"; "an unknown source"
  1. (computer science) a program designed for general support of the processes of a computer; "a computer system provides utility programs to perform the tasks needed by most users"
  2. (economics) a measure that is to be maximized in any situation involving choice
  3. a company that performs a public service; subject to government regulation
  4. a facility composed of one or more pieces of equipment connected to or part of a structure and designed to provide a service such as heat or electricity or water or sewage disposal; "the price of the house included all utilities"
  5. capable of substituting in any of several positions on a team; "a utility infielder"
  6. the quality of being of practical use
  7. the service (electric power or water or transportation) provided by a public utility; "the cost of utilities never decreases"; "all the utilities were lost after the hurricane"
  8. used of beef; usable but inferior
  1. (biology) a taxonomic category consisting of members of a species that differ from others of the same species in minor but heritable characteristics; "varieties are frequently recognized in botany"
  2. a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality; "sculpture is a form of art"; "what kinds of desserts are there?"
  3. a collection containing a variety of sorts of things; "a great assortment of cars was on display"; "he had a variety of disorders"; "a veritable smorgasbord of religions"
  4. a difference that is usually pleasant; "he goes to France for variety"; "it is a refreshing change to meet a woman mechanic"
  5. a show consisting of a series of short unrelated performances
  6. noticeable heterogeneity; "a diversity of possibilities"; "the range and variety of his work is amazing"
  1. United States jazz singer noted for her complex bebop phrasing and scat singing (1924-1990)
  1. a commercial undertaking that risks a loss but promises a profit
  2. an investment that is very risky but could yield great profits; "he knew the stock was a speculation when he bought it"
  3. any venturesome undertaking especially one with an uncertain outcome
  4. proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers; "We ventured into the world of high-tech and bought a supercomputer"
  5. put at risk; "I will stake my good reputation for this"
  6. put forward, of a guess, in spite of possible refutation; "I am guessing that the price of real estate will rise again"; "I cannot pretend to say that you are wrong"
  1. a party of people at a wedding
  2. perform a marriage ceremony; "The minister married us on Saturday"; "We were wed the following week"; "The couple got spliced on Hawaii"
  3. take in marriage
  4. the act of marrying; the nuptial ceremony; "their marriage was conducted in the chapel"
  5. the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed
  1. communicate (with) in writing; "Write her soon, please!"
  2. communicate by letter; "He wrote that he would be coming soon"
  3. communicate or express by writing; "Please write to me every week"
  4. create code, write a computer program; "She writes code faster than anybody else"
  5. have (one's written work) issued for publication; "How many books did Georges Simenon write?"; "She published 25 books during her long career"
  6. mark or trace on a surface; "The artist wrote Chinese characters on a big piece of white paper"; "Russian is written with the Cyrillic alphabet"
  7. produce a literary work; "She composed a poem"; "He wrote four novels"
  8. record data on a computer;
  9. set down in writing in any of various ways; "written evidence"
  10. systematically collected and written down; "written laws"
  11. write music; "Beethoven composed nine symphonies"
  12. write or name the letters that comprise the conventionally accept

5 letter answer(s) to see note

  1. (law) a right or legal share of something; a financial involvement with something; "they have interests all over the world"; "a stake in the company's future"
  2. a division of the Mormon Church
  3. a pole or stake set up to mark something (as the start or end of a race track); "a pair of posts marked the goal"; "the corner of the lot was indicated by a stake"
  4. a strong wooden or metal post with a point at one end so it can be driven into the ground
  5. instrument of execution consisting of a vertical post that a victim is tied to for burning
  6. kill by piercing with a spear or sharp pole; "the enemies were impaled and left to die"
  7. mark with a stake; "stake out the path"
  8. place a bet on; "Which horse are you backing?"; "I'm betting on the new horse"
  9. put at risk; "I will stake my good reputation for this"
  10. Territorial division of the Mormon Church
  11. the money risked on a gamble
  12. tie or fasten to a stake
  1. a quantity obtained by the addition of a group of numbers
  2. complete in extent or degree and in every particular; "a full game"; "a total eclipse"; "a total disaster"
  3. constituting the full quantity or extent; complete; "an entire town devastated by an earthquake"; "gave full attention"; "a total failure"
  4. damage beyond the point of repair; "My son totaled our new car"; "the rock star totals his guitar at every concert"
  5. determine the sum of; "Add all the people in this town to those of the neighboring town"
  6. sum
  7. the whole amount
  1. below some quantity or limit; "fifty dollars or under"
  2. below the horizon; "the sun went under"
  3. down below; "get under quickly!"
  4. down to defeat, death, or ruin; "their competitors went under"
  5. further down; "see under for further discussion"
  6. in or into a state of subordination or subjugation; "we must keep our disappointment under"
  7. into unconsciousness; "this will put the patient under"
  8. located below or beneath something else; "nether garments"; "the under parts of a machine"
  9. lower in rank, power, or authority; "an under secretary"
  10. through a range downward; "children six and under will be admitted free"

13 letter answer(s) to see note


9 letter answer(s) to see note

  1. (basketball) a foul that can be assessed on a player or a coach or a team for unsportsmanlike conduct; does not usually involve physical contact during play
  2. a pickup truck with a gun mounted on it
  3. characterizing or showing skill in or specialized knowledge of applied arts and sciences; "a technical problem"; "highly technical matters hardly suitable for the general public"; "a technical report"; "producing the A-bomb was a challenge to the technical people of this country"; "technical training"; "technical language"
  4. of or relating to a practical subject that is organized according to scientific principles; "technical college"; "technological development"
  5. of or relating to or requiring special knowledge to be understood;
  6. of or relating to technique or proficiency in a practical skill;
  7. resulting from or dependent on market factors rather than fundamental economic considerations; "analysts content that the stock market is due for a
  1. electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone"
  2. get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone; "I tried to call you all night"; "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning"
  3. transmitting speech at a distance
  1. Informers, people that give away information.
  2. someone who gossips indiscreetly
  1. Leisure parks entertaining a theme. For example movies, water or aquariums.
  1. a rack for holding slices of toast
  1. unexcelled; of the highest grade; of greatest skill; exhibiting excellence; a topflight performance.
  1. material for starting a fire
  1. 1. To designate with or register under a trade name 2. Brand
  1. a building in a tree
  1. not divided among or brought to bear on more than one object or objective; "judging a contest with a single eye"; "a single devotion to duty"; "undivided affection"; "gained their exclusive attention"
  2. not parted by conflict of opinion; "presented an undivided front"
  3. not separated into parts or shares; constituting an undivided unit; "an undivided interest in the property"; "a full share"
  4. not shared by or among others; "undivided responsibility"
  1. displaying or feeling no wariness; "an unguarded remark"
  2. lacking protection or a guard; "an unguarded gate"; "his unguarded queen was open to attack"
  1. (linguistics) a grammatical rule (or other linguistic feature) that is found in all languages
  2. (logic) a proposition that asserts something of all members of a class
  3. a behavioral convention or pattern characteristic of all members of a particular culture or of all human beings; "some form of religion seems to be a human universal"
  4. adapted to various purposes, sizes, forms, operations; "universal wrench", "universal chuck"; "universal screwdriver"
  5. applicable to or common to all members of a group or set; "the play opened to universal acclaim"; "rap enjoys universal appeal among teenage boys"
  6. coupling that connects two rotating shafts allowing freedom of movement in all directions; "in motor vehicles a universal joint allows the driveshaft to move up and down as the vehicle passes over bumps"
  7. of worldwide scope or applicability; "an issue of cosmopolitan import"; "the shrewdest political and ecumenical comment of our time"- Chris
  1. not married or related to the unmarried state; "unmarried men and women"; "unmarried life"; "sex and the single girl"; "single parenthood"; "are you married or single?"
  1. one of the large alphabetic characters used as the first letter in writing or printing proper names and sometimes for emphasis; "printers once kept the type for capitals and for small letters in separate cases; capitals were kept in the upper half of the type case and so became known as upper-case letters"
  2. relating to capital letters which were kept in the top half of a compositor's type case; "uppercase letters; X and Y and Z etc"
  1. a sudden disappearance from sight
  2. a sudden or mysterious disappearance
  3. become invisible or unnoticeable; "The effect vanished when day broke"
  4. cease to exist; "An entire civilization vanished"
  5. decrease rapidly and disappear; "the money vanished in las Vegas"; "all my stock assets have vaporized"
  6. get lost, as without warning or explanation; "He disappeared without a trace"
  7. pass away rapidly; "Time flies like an arrow"; "Time fleeing beneath him"
  1. any of various herbaceous plants cultivated for an edible part such as the fruit or the root of the beet or the leaf of spinach or the seeds of bean plants or the flower buds of broccoli or cauliflower
  2. edible seeds or roots or stems or leaves or bulbs or tubers or nonsweet fruits of any of numerous herbaceous plant

8 letter answer(s) to see note

  1. (amateur wrestling) being brought to the mat from a standing position; "a takedown counts two points"
  2. a crushing remark
  1. a shed for storing tools
  1. a computer input pointing device featuring a tactile sensor, a specialized surface that can translate the motion and position of a user's fingers to a relative position on the screen
  1. A public hall or building, belonging to a town, where the public offices are established, the town council meets, the people assemble in town meeting, etc.
  1. (orthopedics) the act of pulling on a bone or limb (as in a fracture) to relieve pressure or align parts in a special way during healing; "his leg was in traction for several days"
  2. the friction between a body and the surface on which it moves (as between an automobile tire and the road)
  1. activity leading to skilled behavior
  2. cause to grow in a certain way by tying and pruning it; "train the vine"
  3. create by training and teaching; "The old master is training world-class violinists"; "we develop the leaders for the future"
  4. develop (children's) behavior by instruction and practice; especially to teach self-control;
  5. drag loosely along a surface; allow to sweep the ground; "The toddler was trailing his pants"; "She trained her long scarf behind her"
  6. educate for a future role or function; "He is grooming his son to become his successor"; "The prince was prepared to become King one day"; "They trained him to be a warrior"
  7. exercise in order to prepare for an event or competition; "She is training for the Olympics"
  8. point or cause to go (blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment) towards;
  9. teach and supervise (someone); act as a trainer or coach (to), as in sports; "He is training our Olym
  1. A lifting or sliding door covering an opening in a roof or floor.
  1. a collection of precious things; "the trunk held all her meager treasures"
  2. accumulated wealth in the form of money or jewels etc.; "the pirates hid their treasure on a small island in the West Indies"
  3. any possession that is highly valued by its owner; "the children returned from the seashore with their shells and other treasures"
  4. art highly prized for its beauty or perfection
  5. be fond of; be attached to
  6. hold dear; "I prize these old photographs"
  1. the act of refusing an offer; "the turndown was polite but very firm"
  1. (especially of promises or contracts) not violated or disregarded; "unbroken promises"; "promises kept"
  2. (of farmland) not plowed; "unplowed fields"; "unbroken land"
  3. marked by continuous or uninterrupted extension in space or time or sequence; "cars in an unbroken procession"; "the unbroken quiet of the afternoon"
  4. not broken; whole and intact; in one piece; "fortunately the other lens is unbroken"
  5. not subdued or trained for service or use; "unbroken colts"
  1. currently in progress; "there is mischief afoot"; "plans are afoot"; "preparations for the trial are underway"
  1. a state in the eastern United States; one of the original 13 colonies; one of the Confederate States in the American Civil War
  2. a town in northeastern Minnesota in the heart of the Mesabi Range
  3. one of the British colonies that formed the United States
  1. an easy victory
  1. having no legally established claim; "the wrongful heir to the throne"
  2. not just or fair; "a wrongful act"; "a wrongful charge"
  3. unlawfully violating the rights of others; "wrongful death"; "a wrongful diversion of trust income"

12 letter answer(s) to see note

  1. A black, tropical American bird with a large overhanging crest and a long wattle.
  1. not endowed with authority
  2. without official authorization; "an unauthorized strike"; "wildcat work stoppage"
  1. not excusable

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Alexander Graham Bell's invention
All added together
All there, some returning from Guatemala to Tonga
All together
All up
All-inclusive college has 30% leaving with advanced Latin
Also directed to involve Mum where Dad likes to retreat?
America mostly confused about introduction of Soviet money
American spared by virus with spirit intact
Amount by which imports exceed exports
Amount wagered
An excessive amount
An overdose of
Anglican chore? Special team needed
Annual circle in a trunk showing its age
Anonymous hunk now noticed partly
Anti-British demonstration in Boston, Mass, 1773
Anti-vampire tool
Anvil user hammered without exception
Applying everywhere
Archer's goal
Article setter placed initially on boat in tourist attraction
Articles about wearing suit in camp
Artist missing article in least satisfactory glossary
Assess what rustlers do
Astaire or Rogers, for example
Astaire wear
Athletics event
Atlantic Coast Conference
Attire popular with priva
Attractive young spouse of a rich older man
Attractive young spouse of an affluent older man
Author of Under the Greenwood Tree
Auto buyer's option
Aviator in search of bugs
‘Imaginary menagerie’, say
Backyard sight
Bad trait for a politicia
Ballpark figure?
Banking assessor, perhaps
Barbarous and wild leaders of Visigoths ravaged Gaul
Barking leader?
Barking runt dog is to run away
Basic dictionary entry
Bath, say, girl left clutching small blanket
Battle over domain
Be offended
Become encouraged
Become established
Become established down under?
Beer mug in the form of a 15 down man in a tricorne hat
Being shot at
Bend double
Bend over; pen
Best clothes seen on TV?
Best route to the attic?
Best smack will have the highest price
Best tile perfectly cut by local
Beta release, essentially
Beyond endurance
Biased, as brunette is?
Big ask
Big pickle?
Blair's enforcers still on top, awful bloodsuckers
Boeing employee
Book with an alphabetical list of subscribers and numbers
Bottom line
Bottom of a sum
Boundary of either kind in test is commonplace
Bow out of a poker hand
Bowler alternative
Box containing items of value
Branch office?
Brand given to a product
Brand new head of abattoir stopping production of red meat
Bravery medal
Break in a cricket match
Briefly handle certain wealth stored up
British flier
British Virgin Islands, say
Broken-hearted nun at bottom
Brutal interrogation after which you might call someone a doctor
Business appellation
Business caught providing Trump with a boost
Buying and selling clubs provided Trump with turnover
By embracing life at sea, it doesn't seem as long!
C.P.A.'s concern
Call box almost unreal!
Call for missile to tip unfavourable balance
Call for rapid movement over Brexit problem?
Call them regularly and help out United
Call to move quickly over evidence of unbalanced economy
Called Jack over to provide proof of ownership
Can head of trafficking ring enable one to infiltrate?
Can mules wander freely in America?
Can opener?
Can rising poet reject society?
Cane accompanier
Cane accompanier, maybe
Capital case worker gets control
Capital letters
Capital of Peru caps energy recycling
Car evaluation (2 wds.)
Case full of French wine mostly, but no great shakes
Catch with line at sea in accordance with strict rules
Catholic sort of joint
Cause for using a hot lin
Cause of an unexpected fa
Cease further trading, car's changing hands
Celebrated person, perfectly special on the inside
Census designation
Central London playhouse - teary rathole
Certain code
Certain Marxist's caught in deal with case of loot
Certainly not needing the doctor? If you say so
Change criminal into saint? About right
Change leader of tiny organised protest about nothing
Change to another stage
Chartreuse, drunk by wrong set, is object of a pirate's dig?
Check alien showing a means to gain entry
Check for bad light in cricket, perhaps
Check out underground laboratory item
Check suit, where kit should be white
Cheer for
Cheerful command from the
Cheers monarch showing some glamour?
Chinese blossom
Chinese restaurant flower
Chuck Yeager maybe rewriting top titles
Civic centre
Classic film company ...
Close up
Closet fixture
Cloth wiping head from below before massaging under nipple
Co-operative person
Coarse east European taking Victor for British
Coarse fish, with love, thrown back
Cocaine and heroin? Me? I'm a mythical creature
College to attempt to suppress article as a whole
Column of rising air
Come to
Come to finger gangster
Commit a basketball infra
Commit a court infraction
Common - crude
Common A.T.M. feature
Common economic indicator
Communicated in words
Communication device
Company dealing with oil from wreck
Complete idiot ultimately has messed up a lot
Complete set of religious works encapsulated by short story
Complete stop as outsiders leave — speech unfinished
Complete tons of tests assessing liabilities at first
Complete wreck
Complete, absolute
Complete; absolute
Complete; sum
Completely anesthetized
Completely submerged by European articles
Completely wreck
Completely wreck - the lot
Composer appearing after end of last movement
Concert hat that clashes with garment
Concluding part
Conclusion of modernist composer's tour
Condensation in carriages eventually shorted regular current
Congregation is female and not young
Congregation to collapse
Conservative returning knighthood - is this a serious issue?
Container of valuable objects
Continuing sunny at heart, with no money invested
Continuous network of towns - plans rub raw
Control signals malfunctioning if craft comes to Earth
Controversy backing Duke’s command
Conversation piece?
Corps put faith in security
Correct film certificate
Cost, insurance and freight wind up business
Could be clue's about name given to America!
Councillor is repeatedly in big trouble
Councillor's gutted by Oxford's river disaster
Couple on the radio distressed chum? That’s excessive
Course at Oxford is after credit when in trouble
Cousin of Santa Claus and
Cratchit boy
Credit given with French party policies
Credit goddess for terrible situation
Credit note returned — it may secure admission
Crisis at the bus terminus?
Critical time in record centre
Cross section around hidden entrance
Cross section lifted for flush access?
Crude newspaper; Liberal, upper-class, very revolting
Crude routine holding force back in struggle for territory
Cryptically 'trad' items carried forward to the next meeting?
Current actor finally stops playing Hamlet
Current broadcast not working, so restricted
Current phenomenon
Current putting Hamlet right off
Cut and run
Cut and run
Cycling race
Daily Hollywood publicati
Damage beyond repair
Dangerous place for skati
Dartboard, for one
Daytime social event
Dead giveaways
Deal illegally
Deal with marriage organisation that improves relations
Death spiral?
Debussy's "La Mer," e.g.
Decisive moment
Degree-awarding institution
Deli option
Delighted to have aroused singer …
Depict part of the period
Depot purchase
Design of the built environment
Designed to protect from cold
Designed to retain heat
Detect hint of micronutrient
Deter a tour abroad that caravans might have taken
Dickens boy
Dickens lad
Dictionary entry
Dictionary unit
Difficult request: a bit of buttered roll? A toastie’s offered up
Difficult task
Difficult task from High Command?
Difficult task of monks who need a high ceiling?
Difficult time crossing river in Scotland inspired saxophonist originally
Discoverer of stars?
Discriminatory amusements, excluding female
Discuss business
Discuss matters concerning one's work
Discuss work at a social event
Dished up dollop of gelato to all
Dishonest female fired from amusement park
Dispute over territory between rival gangs
Divide up casework for experiment
Divinity prize presented retrospectively for best in class?
Do a post-laundry job
Do origami
Do thermostats control it?
Doctors and patients outside Italian restaurant
Dodgy contract he shows private eye outfit?
Does this go round being nasty? It's one of those things that never ends!
Dominant individual
Don't bake enough, coming in for criticism
Done without realising
Drama in three acts?
Dramatic articles about stopping ordeal
Dramatic form of art limited by ethical failing
Drawing in pamphlet about gaining independence
Drills French joiner used to make toy
Drink a lot of beer — get completely smashed?
Drink inferior to sea water reportedly limited
Drink milk one restaurant employee put out
Drink that's free in a restaurant!
Drinking mug shaped as a stout man
Driven supporter
Drop out, in poker
Drug affair in 22s
Drug prosecution is the stuff of headlines?
Drug rejected by learner in struggle to be excellent
Drying cloth
Drying-up cloth
Ducks outside mostly keep drier
During work, drops greasy product
Dutch jog awkwardly around bend beside European flag-bearer
Eager to do
Earl wearing coat over husband's only ring
Early spin in cricket match: play shot with force
eg "She sells seashells by the seashore"
eg Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire
Electronic indication of the correct hour
Emergency consumer pack using current for power
Emergency credit is doubled
Emergency primarily concerning river, the one in Oxford
Encourage doctor to wipe out source of salmonella
Encourage holy man to leave fish
Endless delight, of course, producing riches
Enter four or six in test? Of little importance
Entertainer Chuck plus reindeer
Entertainer turning up at party, initially with tower of presents
Entertainer? Time stripper got topless!
Enthusiastic about
Entire serving of spirit: a litre
Entrance having rounded cross-section
Entry or travel permit
Entry permit
Equitable dealings out of order in this business meeting
Equity perhaps poorly rated before marriage
Equivalent of money, including capital, that is at the upper limit of growth
Erected tent on the summit
European bores knock pretentious American protestors
Every way to penetrate politician's falsehood
Everything extremely suspect in Conservative's unlikely tale
Everywhere applicable
Exaggerated consequence of chewing that eclair
Exaggerated the acceleration Concorde initially recorded during test
Excellent - best possible
Excessive hint about award
Excessively narrow view of things
Exchange handle in Homebase, say
Excited about
Exhaustively discuss stuff no longer popular
Exhibition featuring jazz, close to Sloane Square
Expecting, as a raise
Experiment starts in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - go!
Experimental equipment fixed up underground - about time!
Expression of
Extravagant articles about to appear in court case
Facing attack
Familiar whiskered figure
Fans often have it
Farm vehicle turned up, worked into drawing
Farron and Henman face off over priest setting deadline
Fashion show on TV?
Feat for Secretariat
Feel insulted
Fifth shirt and jumper, say?
Filing awaited from Trump to challenge court action?
Final bit
Final figure
First person to fly a pla
First-rate access to attic?
Fish's journey across rough water
Fit as a fiddle? If you say so!
Fixation indication
Fixed goal
Fixing chain etc on wheel finally is complex
Flag, having sex by the Dee?
Flog lad regularly, resulting in collapse
Flower named for its smel
Flower opening one spring evening, at first
Flower that's gold held up by kid
Fluid feeder we left on patio ultimately getting drier
Focus on pitch and contract
Follow one another around in Turkestan
Food from buffet car? This won't normally cover it
Food item's in middle of oven, within reach
Footballer lacking 25 perhaps, as a flier
For Rattle, great musical work included - probably the Fifth
For sale
Form of investment
Formal headgear
Formal headwear item
Fourth or fifth TV programme?
Fragile thing, problem leading to fault
Frank, careless
Fraudulent amusement centre ignoring first fine
Free drink? - a wet part
French oil and gas company
Fresh pâté on tray, prepared for afternoon get-together
Friction arising from offensive by Turkey
Frivolous four interrupt rehearsal
From which rabbits may emerge - often with tails behind?
Fruit that's individually-priced?
Fully anesthetized
Further on
Game of cricket put strain on marriage
Game where players try to find things by following a series of clues
Game with revolving soccer players!
Garden plant support
Garden structure for keeping things
Garment with awfully neat crotch
GB and N Ireland
General Mills brand
General Mills breakfast c
General Mills cereal
General place to study poems cut by a line
Genuine rag and bone
Getting rid of car in industrial park
Global peacekeepers against entering Israel maybe
Global peacekeepers against entering unstable Israel
Go belly up
Go from place to place
Go out and back in an Out
Go out of business
Go places
Go with some extra velocity?
Go without starter, standing to eat McDonald's after bar snack
Goddess going after credit crunch
Goddess makes appearance following credit crunch
Good for a doctoral stude
Gossip revealing sinister side of scandal
Governed by
Grayling is giving up heroin in great trouble
Greatly value this fictional island
Grip - rat in cot
Group of airheads?
Group of animals including giraffes perhaps facing tough task
Group with a mission
Half have become fit — squash perhaps?
Half of police force needs a shake-up - it's handled by strict superior
Hampshire river flow try-out
Hard thing to fill
Hard thing to pull off
Hard-to-meet requirement
Hard-to-say phrase
Hardly a celebrity
Having a good vantage poi
Having a shower perhaps after time working out
He trips and hits the floor noisily
He wants you
Head away from carnival? Just the opposite
Head honcho
Heading for court, if Trump is lying about deal
Heading off for entertainment venue? That's not right
Hear legend of seabird and run away
Hearing about four or six piddling
Hearing range in rehearsal
Heartbeat quickener
Heartlessly edge alongside the place people eat celery?
He’s up with what’s new, distributing top titles
Hi-fi component
High price - necessity, perversely to secure botched DIY
High-level risk taker I employed in game plan
Highly formal attire that's used outside work
Hinged floor opening
Hint to filling in four s
His Majesty is repeatedly in trouble
His Majesty is twice in serious trouble
Hissy fit
Historic performance includes a couple of songs
History of disc - part of it first
Hold dear
Horribly wreck
Hot air from the jolly group joining Jolson?
How high trees grow in season around German city
Hush-hush when in bed?
Hybrid flowering plant
Hypnotized or anesthetize
I don't want to jinx things, getting Tinder
I guess so
Idiot ultimately falling for some practice
Idiot, accepting direction, to have linked community
Illegal - audio hunters
Improbable story
Improbable tale
In a trance
In bad taste
In motion
In perfect health
In secret, nude knotted on chair with middle cut out around balls
In the near future
In the running to be
In train in tunnel?
In which bars have swingers who score?
Incredible account of the giraffe?
Incredible tale!
Incredible to authorise an unreasonably difficult assignment
Influenced by articles in Le Monde and Die Welt
Input device
Instruction leaflet ultimately wet
Instrument playing only the note A?
Insults and such from ath
Interest in post
Internally split, still backing US right-wingers
International body mostly bonkers, sadly, but still full of fire
Interval in which somethi
Investment fund not suitable when France lost confidence
Investment fund segment to rely on
Irritated at dire RAF sales show
It can be white, silver or golden
It describes a lot - somehow her mum heard ten
It dries off wet piece of earthenware a lot
It generates interest
It goes with tails
It interrupts current drug experiences with enchanting female
It may allow you to see second visitor from space
It may be filtered
It may be registered
It might be moving
It researches and reports on policy issues
It should kindle the fire, all being well
It's hard to say
It's inscribed and given 'For Valour'
It's just one thing after
It's much discussed
It's unbelievable
It's used for cleaning the bottom of fabric and dirty poster
It's very unlikely that, ultimately, everything's blue
It's what we sit on - dial ten
Item in a musician
Items sold in lots
Jacques Tati's film business
Job requirement, often
John Denver
John in America
John Kettley's focus on a hydrocarbon veto uncovered
John the estate agent's sign impresses paper
Journey and finally meet French composer
Journey time by road through centre of Berlin
July 4 parade figure
Kate’s unusual interest
Ken after standing goes below
Kind of baked sponge - icky paste
Kind of center
Kind of ladder exemplifie
Kind of underwear
Lab vessel
Label meat cooked for partners in the ring
Label: approve it, we hear
Laboratory vessel
Lacking a posh girl's traditional education? It's not done!
Lacking good taste
Lacking polish, like this second def
Ladies possibly wanting occupation, I admitted
Large amount of money
Large red fruit - I'm apricot, luv
Last part
Late singer named for a D
Lead lost in fencing, is that my sport?
Leader seen in tent beside track
Lecture being finished, have a discussion
Left-leaning lefty, minister in speech
Less than fifty per cent from all-rounder
Let China clay initially be moulded by expert
Lie around the whole time? It's unbelievable
Lie initially told every second by party supporter
Like a word, however Balzac uses it
Like QC, say, making a profit from each brief
Like some blankets
Like some olive oil
Limit of normal tree growth
Linear DIY assistance that might be quickly withdrawn
Little kid, a learner getting sum
Local government headquarters
Location for a fall
Logging leftover (2 wds.)
Long piece of glassware
Looming in the distance
Lot to ask
Lottery winner's need
Mahler: that's refined music
Maiden name I grieve over, divorce ultimately twice dismissed
Major crossroads
Make a general appraisal
Make a journey
Make an inventory
Make war with dog, setter, in crossword puzzle, say?
Make, as a guess
Manage after suffering in rehearsal
Managed by mistake to ignore two leaders
Many university books falling to bits
Mark carrying cooker round home?
Mark sailor has to achieve
Mark the beginning of
Marksmanship contest
Marriage ceremony
Mary, perhaps popular after overthrow of former Prince Regent?
Match underground scientific apparatus
Matter for discussion
Matter of growing interes
Meaning of "one on the ci
Medical stretching
Mega-retailer based in Mi
Microsoft product
Military decoration
Military group foes track all over the place
Military group has time to request ceasefire at the borders
Minor hearing about sex in Rome
Mobile vets tried to check out new vehicle
Model tracks creative work reversing gusset
Modern phone display
Money placed as bet
Monopoly token
More than enough
More than hot water
More than one current meeting I cancelled, conference closes during tour
More than partial
Mostly decisive about island emergency
Mostly pack rupees after liquidating capital
Mother backed by her brothers in America
Motorist's indicator (2 wds.)
Move bottom and dance where bars have swingers who score?
Move giving assist ultimately to scorer
Moved tile 1mm - it fixed window
Moving around
Moving vehicles
Mr. Peanut prop
Much loved and valued person
Municipal building
Musical calling card
Musical instrument
My mount bolted, after shot of German weapon
Nail to secure back bit of stable
Nameless drunk now needs clothes
Nasty rent man after agricultural worker
National flag
Neat and chic, with varying length in a strict sense
Never touched alcohol after six, right?
New gate leading to forest that offers outdoor refreshments
New plane's aviator (2 wds.)
Nick evidently secular?
North Carolina's neighbor
Not above using two foreign articles
Not familiar
Not informed of such countless wealth?
Not just
Not just a French trading event
Not just a Parisian trade event
Not just an internat­ional trade show
Not just pretty faces, the United Nations
Not preferred by gentlemen, perhaps prejudiced
Not sanctioned
Not serious
Not spoiled, I kept single
Not to be excused
Note about tower holding retired American’s gold?
Notice of parking offence
Nurse briefly with certain valuables
Nuts, raisins, dried frui
Object sailor has to receive
Occasion to serve light r
Of heat
Of little importance
Of little value
Of no consequence
Of no matter
Officer holding show got up and organised rehearsal
OK if each spring starts late
OK, if needs must!
Old Dominion
Old long-distance communic­ation could be a trumpet
Old wheels recovered from crusades
On paper
On protective coat receive mark
One appearing in case before or after five? It's not important
One appointed as first controller of Hercules among many
One booted and horsed, crossing over, would knee-length fit tight?
One entering time that's competitive - not this?
One known for finger-poin
One live Test is broadcast here?
One loudly boarding vehicle turned to see all the other vehicles
One might take milk and leave bread?
One needing floor that's hard and carpet free?
One of the 13 original US states
One providing backing with no force beneath
One reportedly made secure investment choice?
One reportedly supported form of investment
One spinning act of cowardice, perhaps, as high-class
One takes off with paper - good things for sale
One taking steps to make himself heard
One targeting Apple reportedly ends gossip
One very loudly boarding transport upset cars?
One who defeats 1A getting award
One who is often up for trial
One who leaves money unde
Online club's bad progress, endlessly initiated and interrupted by you, we hear
Only depot sadly with nothing for new miniature dog
Opening game turned around by header from Eden Hazard
Opening in a floor
Opening set in a stage or ceiling
Opposite of 1 Down
Orange-and-black perennia
Order and routine for working organisation
Ordered new balti and eastern booze
Organise the karate rally
Organised search for hidden goodies
Our team had row before golf match
Outdoor eatery
Outdoor shelter rebuilt there to overlook river
Outer garment
Overly tense and risky to catch female mythical figure
Pamphlet - one about medical procedure
Pantomime characters
Papers consumed by immorality existing in position Humphrey once occupied
Parental role not substantial enough - that is absent in criminal being held
Part of a car's steering
Part of this clue shows promise and flexibility
Past performance
Pawnbroker succeeded given a million in America
Pay attention
Pay close attention to study on school getting turned around
Peace perhaps increased following meal
Perfect wreck
Perform appraisal of course describing Stoke's refurbishment
Performance enhancer
Performer having time trouble in 'Beat It'?
Performer who can tread about quietly? Not this one!
Perhaps the editor is the best setter?
Perhaps Y-fronts of Uncle Neil keep nothing concealed these days
Permit to do something
Personal involvement
Personification of the USA
Pick out road material to acquire
Pictures returned to fellows in charge of illegal trade
Pilot takes learner through air turn manoeuvre
Pirate's stash
Pistol flare extremely easy to transport
Place for a lab experimen
Place for carved initials
Place for testing gun turned up, it's said
Place from which to get good speed and better drugs
Player's token in Monopoly
Playing out at front of church, sort of person to be good on keyboards
PM gone to shake out hay on moorland
Point to shoot at
Pointer on a poster
Pole is three times wounded - he takes high risks
Police department concerned with gambling, narcotics, pornography etc
Policy group’s tip for fitting out aquarium?
Politician failing to offer wrapping papers
Popular Microsoft product
Popular Microsoft softwar
Possibly die during journey in turbulent waters
Possibly magnolia, I'm thinking, is higher back in village east of the Shire
Possibly what's left after a host badly abandoned his tartufo dessert?
Post - bet
Pot for sale (not suitable for children) beside prison
Practicality - public service
Practice suffering at work
Precarious place, metapho
Prefix with line or mine
Preliminary test
Premier with dress, what we remember May for?
Preparation for confessio
Prepare to sail
Price label
Prize article mostly secure in box, perhaps
Prize certain to be given after short walk
Problem-solving research
Product identifier
Program that displays how to interact with a computer
Promise to take edge off blade
Promise without really delivering, at first
Promising time
Property document
Property document: hint of trouble it conveyed about river
Public service’s lack of purpose when missing leader
Public service, something with no end, no beginning
Public space serving scones and cream etc
Pulled a muscle touring North America
Purchase intact or otherwise
Pursue violent options
Puzzle with solutions reading the same down as across
Quit, in poker
Racing feat
Rare event in horseracing
Rash, one caused by such a fire?
Redcoat, before gaiety in Telford, spent money intended for someone else
Refrain from TV? Seem agitated in skimpy undies
Refreshing place, Newgate Forest
Refund from the Revenue?
Refuse CO agitating to send in troops
Regularly dismissed Tardis, container that's unimportant
Regularly target a certain valuable object
Regularly target a positive value
Relating to heat
Relating to words
Remains of a felling
Remarkably alive, runs all round
Reporting to
Requiring specialist knowledge
Requiring specialist knowledge to be understood
Residents ignoring student in one academic institution
Resistance to prohibition in posh part of New York for instance
Resolve issue of open air rave?
Resort to violence
Responsibility leader ignored to admit I ignited gas, perhaps
Result of imports exceeding exports
Review what shoplifter did
Rewrite script with safety device
Richmond's state
Ridicule Romeo on defect in crockery
Right-wing bunch that was organised by one proverbially mad?
Ring bearer
Ring pair
Risky project
Risky undertaking
Root vegetables
Rough ride through peak turbulence
Royal starts to moan about libel after article produced by Heat
Rudely intrude on a group of workers
Ruin everything!
Ruins veal after cooking without exception
Running drink?
S.A.T. score
S.A.T. score component
S.A.T. section
Sack employees in insufficient numbers, getting attacked?
Sacred syllable, in a sense, is more than one can take
Safety device makes William's weird sister fall over
Sailor needs to understand what's to be aimed at
Sailor's yarn
Sales statistic
Sandwich filler
Saw in here money raised by cast?
Say "nay" to
Say goodbye to
Schedule B or C, e.g.
School arranged something for kids' amusement
School group getting a toy package
Schubert's Eighth, for example
Science lab glassware
Scrabble formation
Scrabble play
Screwball comedy that needs work put into it
Secondary to
Secret exit, perhaps
Secure app developed, written as FORTRAN?
See 1 Down
See 20-, 36- and 48-Acros
See 20-, 38- and 54-Acros
See 27
Semi-service station
Sentence component
Sequence of actions involving oven for breakfast essential
Serial music sequence
Service men who have a job to do
Set down
Set down on paper
Sextet entering competition that's inconsequential
Shade of pink
Sheep and grass around bull's location
Shooting range feature
Short special event? Certain to be something much appreciated
Show appreciation entertaining tight knit group of specialists
Show best speed, perhaps?
Show piece?
Show’s intro gets me mostly hot ‘n’ bothered
Showering after time working out
Showy Kafka work keeps a chapter apart
Sight defect
Signature tune
Signature tune of the dancing gnomes
Sinful, wicked
Single and in good shape after Matilda leaves
Single individual in unspoiled situation
Single one brought in without blemish
Sitting room?
Situation where attempts to solve a problem only compound it
Six in court case that's unimportant
Six leaders from councils exert pressure on local deputy
Six running on the rails in maiden
Slatted shutter
Slatted window cover
Slight shift of character in gardening work union
Small boy can finally slay the enemy, expending minimal energy
Smallest room that can be hired accommodates one
Smash really bad
Smash to smithereens
Smile after tea shows anything but delight
Social affair thus far coming up, cut by a fraction
Social gathering
Some of whatever Balzac’s expressed in words
Somebody outside church with local deputy
Something a company won't
Something to build on
Son felt unsettled in cramped aircraft's first trip
Son has to acquire money for a bet
Son to accept bet
Son to accept post
Sort of light source OK in the pink?
Sort, type
Sound system component
Sound when a gobbler gets
Source of milk and energy consumed by bird that'll dry up
Speak about one's work
Special gift almost certainly something valuable
Special group request church to follow trusted leader
Special unit's request to mine ground etc
Specialist to lecture without a bit of money, say
Spirit said to leave money at night in compensation for losing a gnasher
Spooner's cooked food that's on the breakfast table
Spooner's fish dish is to be encouraged
Spooner's rubbish dump is a disciplined operation
Sports administrators that ruin ground covers: It's just not cricket!
Star seeker
State in which there's no point heading off for public service
Steely-gazed pointer
Steering system component
Steering system part
Step away from date? Certainly, darling
Sternum attachment
Still revolutionary keeps a role for US right-wingers
Still revolutionary, having a role in American political movement
Still taken aback over separate political movement
Still time to ride competitively
Stoned fruit
Story run about noble's unreasonable request
Street cred possibly involves a hush-hush manufacturing advantage
Striker having time for header or pass
Stroll around in river? I don't believe it
Struggling rural worker
Stuttering woe produced by this?
Subject to
Subject to climatic conditions — suffering from cold?
Subordinate to screen detective might work like this?
Substantial amount is duty Nadhim ultimately wasted
Successful period for every state capital
Suddenly arrived during nosh-up with appropriate drink
Suffering leak in experiment
Sufficiently early repair saving economist here?
Suicide is Painless? No - gets me upset outside hospital
Sunday newspaper section
Supply a cropped 21, with tenor in musical
Supply housing area with hen - or sheep?
Support for all branches?
Sure fit
Surveil, with "out"
Tailoring aid
Tails partner
Tails partner that takes in work
Take a silly risk
Take to one's heels
Tango to mimic Diet Coke, regularly finding means of copying pop
Tax fetters John: fortune needed for building land
Tax guide for one involved in aeronautics research
Tax protest of 1773
Team leader set off with item that's struck in sporting fixture
Team leader to cheer up, having lost second prize
Tears flow on getting flower as prize
Technical equipment to probe underground
Teflon, for one
Telly's top composer to go abroad
Temporary group to do a job
Tenor joins composer for tour
Tense about a certain term of endearment
Tent need
Tent post
Tent-pitching need
Territorial dispute
Territorial struggle between gangs
Test about old city den in books
Thackeray novel
That elementary particle finally revealing signature in air
That is an expression of pain in 16 down?
That is to say
That is to say a way to move a broken-down car?
That's a lot to do
The average grade in a test for stage
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame author
The mark of a business armed with neat moves
The Mayor of Casterbridge author
The Stamp Act, e.g.
The U.S. personified (2 wds.)
The ultimate in counterfeit Eastern currency — conduct test
The way things go?
The whole time a lot developed
The ___ State (Montana)
There are lots of these f
They've been on the road
This might be tinkling piano kept in the box file
This side of
Three-step event
Thriving, or just OK?
Time of great danger
Time showering, perhaps for exercises
Time to chuck it in, having good education
Time to request stuff for working party
Time to restore confidence having lost one small gem
Time to restore confidence to a son missing love?
Tiny child with a large sum
Tire grip
Titillate Republican with depraved habit in China?
To rail about a small breakfast utensil
To trade in answer not in fact fair, somehow
Tobacco; US state
Toe and heel clicking performer
Token party nominees?
Tough examination that could describe a PHD?
Tough one overcoming evil, fragile thing?
Tough request
Tough thing to fill
Tournament favorite
Town dweller
Toy on a layout
Toy railway
Trade in motor vehicles?
Trade's somewhat erratic if far too westward-looking
Traffic merging, say - it requires a lot of workers
Tramp virtually guaranteed prize
Transport cafe providing tea, by the sound of it?
Travel card: one's told to validate it
Travel permit
Travelling attraction kicking female out? That’s not right
Trial marriage produces international confrontation
Tricky current making ride uncomfortable in keel
Trip by rail
Troops drop GI, taking odds for leader
Try partnership for international contest
Try to compare some days of ins and outs?
Tuck’s description as stated by main producer of fast food
Turning point
TV programme, the fastest on the box?
Type of heavy rock music - thermal hats
Typical statesman, one making advances to Cameron
Tyre's grip on road
U.S. national symbol (2 wds.)
UK flag
Ultimately smitten with old Italian car, beginning to think about purchase ...
Undertake a trip
Unexpectedly arrived during tea, drunk on this?
Unfavourable import-export balance
Unfinished journey by way of Lima? Of little importance
Union faction suppressing most of circulation
Unit of computer data left out of great deal
Unit of language
Unjust or illegal
Until now
Up to now
Up to this point
US east coast state
US government personification
US government personified
US state
Useful thing
Using muscle, an active America
Using the spoken word
Vain rules, unexpectedly widespread
Valuable object
Value delightful surprise no end? Certainly
Value highly
Vampire hunter's aid
Vampire hunter's weapon
Vampire slayer in second opinion?
Variable bit of punk now neglected
Variable rate adding certain value
Vegas spread?
Vehicle try-out
Vehicles coming and going
Vehicles coming and going in a particular locality
Vehicular snarl-up
Very easy to understand taking ecstasy in Leek?
Very individual model T range, classic automobile originally collectible?
Very large
Very last part
Very rear
Very valuable object
Very, very funny
Vessel brings William III to prison
Vicar returning to black tie event missing last bit of speech
Victoria’s spirit that’s pure 14
Visa risk all banks withdrawing after credit crunch
Visiting Hollywood, y'all? Enjoy his work here!
Vocational education
Volatile situation arising from money invested in Pott's fracture
Volume — nothing cooler for speech-maker
W. C. Fields headgear
Wal-Mart competitor
Warm air current
Warm weather Malta needs
Wasted in Staines when it's limitless cheap booze
WC Grace finally caught by child - outstanding 150!
Weapon favoured by Prohibition-era gangsters
Western Paris street covered with a bit of Tarmac and gravel
What a lot may have a lot
What might clamp puzzle in China?
What might make you mail an elephant?
What to do if criterion is satisfied in sound test? Pass
What's used for drying dishes
Where problems universal in lively lobster brought to pan
Where soldiers might be held up before their division?
Where to have a cuppa? With commander in rented building
Whispering party game
Who wrote "It's not that
Whole amount
Whole global organisation not working
Whole of a litre after dram
Why fire top model? Rich man could make her this
Willing to do
Willing to take part in
Willingness to work together
Wipe out a future gangster?
Wizard briefly seen in Novgorod
Women's outfit
Wooden post
Word that can precede the
Work by English rector in charge of sheets?
Work in which musical?
Work out two notes will suffice for cost of ticket
Workers' organisation
Working for international organisation backed by the German
Working party’s tense attempt to see church
Working with those people rankled occasionally - self-serving
Worldwide student poetry almost entirely unfinished
Worldwide; cosmic
Worth bubkes
Wreck beyond recognition
Wreck drink almost entirely
Wrestling duo
Wrestling duo (2 wds.)
Write off note kid returned
Write off oil company
x, y or z, possibly
x, y, or z?
Yellowish pink
You might score one after international trial
You mustn't leave your home in such a state
Young child attending a large comprehensive
Young child’s given a large sum
___ grabs
___ the mistletoe

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