Erstwhile - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 27/01/2024

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Erstwhile.

6 letter answer(s) to erstwhile

  1. (used especially of persons) of the immediate past; "the former president"; "our late President is still very active"; "the previous occupant of the White House"
  2. belonging to some prior time; "erstwhile friend"; "our former glory"; "the once capital of the state"; "her quondam lover"
  3. belonging to the distant past; "the early inhabitants of Europe"; "former generations"; "in other times"
  4. earlier
  5. referring to the first of two things or persons mentioned (or the earlier one or ones of several); "the novel was made into a film in 1943 and again in 1967; I prefer the former version to the latter one"
  6. the first of two or the first mentioned of two; "Tom and Dick were both heroes but only the former is remembered today"

3 letter answer(s) to erstwhile

  1. (used especially of persons) having lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age; "his mother is very old"; "a ripe old age"; "how old are you?"
  2. (used for emphasis) very familiar; "good old boy"; "same old story"
  3. (used informally especially for emphasis); "a real honest-to-god live cowboy"; "had us a high old time"; "went upriver to look at a sure-enough fish wheel"
  4. Ancient
  5. belonging to some prior time; "erstwhile friend"; "our former glory"; "the once capital of the state"; "her quondam lover"
  6. just preceding something else in time or order; "the previous owner"; "my old house was larger"
  7. of a very early stage in development; "Old English is also called Anglo Saxon"; "Old High German is High German from the middle of the 9th to the end of the 11th century"
  8. of long duration; not new; "old tradition"; "old house"; "old wine"; "old country"; "old friendships"; "old money"
  9. past times (especially in

4 letter answer(s) to erstwhile

  1. as soon as; "once we are home, we can rest"
  2. at a previous time; "at one time he loved her"; "her erstwhile writing"; "she was a dancer once";
  3. in the past
  4. on one occasion; "once I ran into her"
  1. a earlier period in someone's life (especially one that they have reason to keep secret); "reporters dug into the candidate's past"
  2. a verb tense that expresses actions or states in the past
  3. earlier than the present time; no longer current; "time past"; "his youth is past"; "this past Thursday"; "the past year"
  4. of a person who has held and relinquished a position or office; "a retiring member of the board"
  5. so as to pass a given point; "every hour a train goes past"
  6. the time that has elapsed; "forget the past"

7 letter answer(s) to erstwhile

  1. belonging to some prior time; "erstwhile friend"; "our former glory"; "the once capital of the state"; "her quondam lover"

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