More than ajar - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue More than ajar.

4 letter answer(s) to more than ajar

  1. having no protecting cover or enclosure; "an open boat"; "an open fire"; "open sports cars"
  2. (set theory) of an interval that contains neither of its endpoints
  3. open and observable; not secret or hidden; "an overt lie"; "overt hostility"; "overt intelligence gathering"; "open ballots"
  4. open to or in view of all; "an open protest"; "an open letter to the editor"
  5. with no protection or shield;
  6. make available; "This opens up new possibilities"
  7. ready or willing to receive favorably; "receptive to the proposals"
  8. become available; "an opportunity opened up"
  9. accessible to all; "open season"; "an open economy"
  10. information that has become public; "all the reports were out in the open"; "the facts had been brought to the surface"
  11. make the opening move; "Kasparov opened with a standard opening"
  12. not sealed or having been unsealed; "the letter was already open"; "the opened package lay on the t

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