Salon job - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Salon job.

4 letter answer(s) to salon job

  1. a series of waves in the hair made by applying heat and chemicals
  2. a city in the European part of Russia
  3. give a permanent wave to; "She perms her hair"
  1. HUE
  2. DYE
  3. color lightly; "her greying hair was tinged blond"; "the leaves were tinged red in November"
  4. a quality of a given color that differs slightly from another color; "after several trials he mixed the shade of pink that she wanted"
  5. Colour

9 letter answer(s) to salon job

  1. a series of waves in the hair made by applying heat and chemicals
  2. continuing or enduring without marked change in status or condition or place; "permanent secretary to the president"; "permanent address"; "literature of permanent value"
  3. not capable of being reversed or returned to the original condition; "permanent brain damage"

5 letter answer(s) to salon job

  1. rinse one's mouth and throat with mouthwash; "gargle with this liquid"
  2. clean with some chemical process
  3. wash off soap or remaining dirt
  4. washing lightly without soap
  5. the act of giving a light tint to the hair
  6. the removal of soap with clean water in the final stage of washing
  7. a liquid preparation used on wet hair to give it a tint

3 letter answer(s) to salon job

  1. estimate; "We put the time of arrival at 8 P.M."
  2. evil Egyptian god with the head of a beast that has high square ears and a long snout; brother and murderer of Osiris
  3. fix conclusively or authoritatively; "set the rules"
  4. the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization; "the hardening of concrete"; "he tested the set of the glue"
  5. converted to solid form (as concrete)
  6. decide upon or fix definitely; "fix the variables"; "specify the parameters"
  7. a unit of play in tennis or squash; "they played two sets of tennis after dinner"
  8. fixed and unmoving; "with eyes set in a fixed glassy stare";
  9. establish as the highest level or best performance; "set a record"
  10. set down according to a plan:"a carefully laid table with places set for four people"; "stones laid in a pattern"
  11. urge to attack someone; "The owner sicked his dogs on the intruders"; "the shaman sics sorcerers on th
  1. any of various substances of either mineral origin or plant or animal origin; they are solid at normal temperatures and insoluble in water
  2. go up or advance; "Sales were climbing after prices were lowered"
  3. increase in phase; "the moon is waxing"
  4. cover with wax; "wax the car"

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