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19th June 2022, 20:34
Many thanks Jimmy for hosting and an interesting word to clue. Thanks to all for votes, much appreciated.
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19th June 2022, 22:11
Congrats jono and thanks jimmy. Thanks for the votes, culmer, spike, and tyke.
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20th June 2022, 00:11
Well done, Jono (and Tyke)! Cheers, Jimmy for the host-a-thon, and the clips.
Many thanks to those who voted for my clues.
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20th June 2022, 01:03
Nice, jono. Thanks for hosting, jimmy, and for the votes, mattrom, buddy, fiery, tyke, and jono.
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20th June 2022, 01:24
Congratulations jono, well done. Thanks to jimmy for challenge, scoring, clips. Votes from mattrom, spike, culmer, tykd, jono and paul appreciated.
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20th June 2022, 02:02
congrats jono /hard cheese tyke! thanks to Jimmygtal for a tricky challenge and to geeker and paul for votes - much appreciated.
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20th June 2022, 11:38
Well done Jon , thanks again Jimmy!
Thanks for the votes from Chris, Spike, Culmer, Tyke, Jon, and Geeker. All very much appreciated.
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20th June 2022, 22:02
Congratulations Jono
Cheers Jimmy
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