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3rd December 2019, 21:25
Many thanks chrise, spot on. King can either be R or K hence the use of "both".
Re peterm [ (one night apart) - heart ]*
"heartbroken" showing it's out of order with "lost" the subtraction indicator.
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3rd December 2019, 21:40
Thanks guys - I was barking up the wrong tree trying to reverse engineer "progenitor" !
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3rd December 2019, 23:28
Thanks again for stepping in with the parse, ginge. I'd add, in case it's unclear, that the definition is "emotionally spending".
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3rd December 2019, 23:41
(Having read Peters last post I’d like to clarify that in my post 15 the definition is “moving”, the “get” is the link word, and the “get moving” is a deliberate obfuscation as it aids the surface....)
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4th December 2019, 00:52
Fluttering gnat on pig, not good if biting (8)
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4th December 2019, 01:49
Lacking a sense of humour, lacking knowledge or lacking a painful expression ! (8)

Po (given under po-faced in Chambers) + ign(or)ant
Expression to allude to look in the surface, word in the wordplay hence the !
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4th December 2019, 13:53
Hi BBM2, a tweak to hopefully improve the surface;

Lacking a sense of humour, lacking knowledge or lacking feeling (8)

Wordplay as before, surface feeling as noun, as definition adjective (deeply felt : Chambers).
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4th December 2019, 17:01
No characters on pig or ant, How? Touching!
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4th December 2019, 18:30
Moving picture - I'm in, nothing left (8)

anagram of painting replace o by i
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4th December 2019, 19:57
After kt17's detailed judging last week i thought it might be good to try and follow his example and try to comment on each clue :

Comments are of course subjective and no offence is intended or should be taken.

2, From ginge a real life penny dropper, Grandmaster standard.

3. A good story from paul that could be the plot of Eastenders! Ticked the boxes.

4.Chrise's anagram somehow not quite nailing the def.

6.Paul gets a nil point for a ghostie.

7. Brilliant surface from fiery but is the doctor a ghost ? in any case the def. seems to be the wrong part of speech "emotionally stirring" would be preferred but wouldn't scan in the surface.

8. Yes kt for them it would be -missing the stumps fro backward point. Love "overthrow"

9. Dorrien first to use the archaic sense but the surface not quite making any.

10. Nice paul but see the "part of speech" comment for #7.

11. Nice succinct clue from skyewalker.

12. I like fiery's "felt" as a def. but would have liked to see textile related wordplay.

13. Surface a bit strange , sorry.

14. Back to form sw - very nice .

15.Yes that's better paul - and I missed the inaccuracy in my first appraisal !

16, Another perfectly acceptable neat clue but the surface reading seems a bit contrived in this nice charade type clue from tyke.

17. Great story aristo 17, neat wordplay and nice def.If it's not in Chambers you can'r have it.... No not really ;) Of course you can, it's widely used.

18. Very clever peter , "heartbroken" is great. Has the def. been nailed down?

25. Good story sunray - poor old porky ! clever wordplay

26/27 Excellent wordplay and the surface perfected in your revised version, Neil. "Feeling" as an adjective is just not quite adjectiveish enough for me despite the BRB !

28. Hi thea a thought provoking scene ! "Touching" is the synonym I rhought I'd see most of this contest.

29. Hi jws I'm afraid i can't decide if your clue is fair to the solver - asking him or her to synonymnise picture into painting then anagrammise it and the do a substitution might be too big of an ask, sorry.

After due consideration this week's winner is skyewalker #11

Moving out of Paignton? (8)

Your prize (inspired by kt17's clue) -

For what its worth I had ginge#27 and aristo #17 runners-up.

See you all soon

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