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26th March 2013, 17:16
I don't understand the desperate need to finish quizzes within days of receiving them.
Perhaps the cash prizes are too good to resist?
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26th March 2013, 20:35
I am not involved in the rainbow thread either in fact I no longer do it because of what happens to it on here so I am pleased when a setter says dont ask
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26th March 2013, 21:01
'I for one have kept well away from the Rainbow threads in all respects' Really?
You obviously don't remember your posting about closing date etc. A clear case of trying to bully people out of asking legitimate questions.
Thought the quiz police were only on the 'other site'.
I was stuck on one question and asked for help and I have no problem helping others if I can .
What gives anyone the right to say when and if a question may or may not be answered.
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26th March 2013, 21:54
You are of course correct , I did post on the thread at the beginning (for that omission I apologise )

However I heartily resent the term bully being used in my direction , I consider myself to be a courteous and polite poster on here and elsewhere.

When OP's do not post quiz title and closing date I think it is fair and just to point it out, at the very least to give others an opportunity to send for it - which there is still lots of time to do.

I ask that you do not use that word to describe me again.
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27th March 2013, 00:03
I should just like to add that I have visited this site regularly for nearly a year and have never found Mamya to be anything other than courteous and polite.
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27th March 2013, 00:49
Totally uncalled for Paige saying what a quiz is actually called and then saying where others can get it right at the start of the cats and dogs thread is hardly bullying odd that you had noted what mamya said on that thread and not seen how helpful she is on others
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