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13th November 2012, 17:02
Please can someone put me out of my misery? For 13d I have ?e?n?i?n? Something must be wrong because the only word I can find to fit is a French word for 21. Where have I gone astray?
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13th November 2012, 17:06
hi torvic
your first e is wrong. It is a word meaning "passing fleetingly"
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13th November 2012, 17:14
The river is in the Midlands, and is quite big.
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13th November 2012, 17:21
Many thanks jazzgirl, I had er instead of re for 14a.
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13th November 2012, 17:51
Hi, Folks. Got through most of it without too much hassle, then came 6 down in which I spent half a day trying to fit King Lear in some shape or form. Then suddenly, the light came on.

Hope all are well.

Best wishes.

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13th November 2012, 17:52
That makes three of us (at least) that 6dn has troubled, pipesmoker.
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13th November 2012, 18:01
Funny how people find different clues difficult. I had no problem with 6d but my last one was 20ac. I kept thinking the French for `right` ends in `e` so couldn`t fit.
It`s been a long time since the compiler slily used `flower` for a river; almost caught me out!
I`m glad the word `next` is now on the right side of the page, avoiding the ad. M.
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13th November 2012, 18:29
Thanks Jazzgirl. Was looking for a cold "chill" and had got a wrong letter in 21a. All correct now.
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13th November 2012, 19:14
Re post 12 Yes Chrise. Sorry! The first 5 letters of the answer is/are one of the chess (or draughts) players.
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14th November 2012, 16:34
Good evening folks. Well I didn't get to start this one until this afternoon and I have found it tricky. I too was determined that number or numbers was in 9d, didn't think much of 4d and was very surprised at the answer, and now I am stuck on the dreaded 6d - in spite of all the hints! I shall probably spend the evening running it through my head. I loved solving 1d. Cold here now - have the log fire burning away, so at least that makes us cheery and cosy.
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