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4th May 2009, 18:17
I think it would improve this site immensely if people would put helpful titles on "Subject" when posting on this site. It makes reading and answering a whole lot easier if people list the crossword name or topic they need help on in the subject box, instead of, for example, "help needed, help please". It makes browsing so much easier if we could only see what the poster is seeking help with. It's just my gripe this evening, as I have waded through so many queries before I found ones that I could offer my help with, so maybe posters - think before you write. Thank you, thank you.
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4th May 2009, 18:41
I agree wholeheartedly
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4th May 2009, 18:42
Agree entirely! Let's have subject headers that identify the puzzle, or failing that the subject.
(Someimes the puzzle is limited access, so it's a waste of time naming it).
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9th May 2009, 04:52
It drives me 'nanas too! But how can you get non-regulars to do that? Maybe the most popular crosswords could have their own boardlettes: DT, DM, RT, General, etc?
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9th May 2009, 09:02
Frustrated, milder, Bees, Fiona

Only 4 out of how many?

Also, would you be selective and leave some posts unread and untried? I suspect not.

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9th May 2009, 11:36
I'm with JimB on this one.
I think it just might improve this site ever so slightly, but immensely??
If it aint broke...
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mr griffin

9th May 2009, 16:15
The screen obtained when opening a new thread should include instructions on what information to provide, i.e. crossword title, clue number, number of letters, letters already found, etc.
This forum used to be for people who had almost completed a crossword and needed help with the last one or two clues. It has now become mainly a forum for quizes where people post ten clues, then another ten clues when the first ten are answered. Lots of them have already been answered in previous posts. How much pleasure does one get entering a competition where other people have done most of the work. If you can raise a request on this help forum you should be able to use Google to get at least some of the answers yourself.
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9th May 2009, 16:19
I quite agree - the site is heading the same way as the answerbank- a shortcut for the lazies.

PLEASE don't let that happen !!!
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9th May 2009, 16:26
That's me told off then! I do the Irish News crossword, so it's only available over here. I assumed, obviously wrongly, that this was a crossword clue solver site only - didn't realised it was quizzes, etc. From now on I will bore the pants off you by stating the crossword and that I have been sweating over it all afternoon - not just getting easy answers off you boffins!
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9th May 2009, 17:33
I am somewhat disturbed by the recent trend, from a minority of contributers thankfully, of arrogance and elitism in suggesting, nay, demanding that this forum should be sanitised and purified by setting rules and regulations as to who can post threads and lso impose control on the content.

The way it operates currently means that it is open to all with no restrictions and encourages camaraderie and good healthy banter. I, personally, love it and would suggest that those of you who are unhappy should return to the "other place" to effect some reformation there.

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