Wallop - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 20/05/2021

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Wallop.

5 letter answer(s) to wallop

  1. cover with liquid before cooking; "baste a roast"
  2. a loose temporary sewing stitch to hold layers of fabric together
  3. sew together loosely, with large stitches; "baste a hem"
  4. strike violently and repeatedly; "She clobbered the man who tried to attack her"
  1. a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes
  2. an adhesive made from water and flour or starch; used on paper and paperboard
  3. any mixture of a soft and malleable consistency
  4. a hard, brilliant lead glass that is used in making artificial jewelry
  5. join or attach with or as if with glue; "paste the sign on the wall"; "cut and paste the sentence in the text"
  6. cover the surface of; "paste the wall with burlap"
  7. hit with the fists; "He pasted his opponent"
  1. cause physical pain or suffering in; "afflict with the plague"
  2. inflict a heavy blow on, with the hand, a tool, or a weapon
  3. affect suddenly with deep feeling; "He was smitten with love for this young girl"
  4. to hit, harm or injure
  1. move rhythmically; "Her heart was beating fast"
  2. make a dull sound; "the knocker thudded against the front door"
  3. a heavy blow with the hand
  4. a heavy dull sound (as made by impact of heavy objects)
  5. hit hard with the hand, fist, or some heavy instrument; "the salesman pounded the door knocker"; "a bible-thumping Southern Baptist"

15 letter answer(s) to wallop


4 letter answer(s) to wallop

  1. fasten with a belt; "belt your trousers"
  2. the act of hitting vigorously; "he gave the table a whack"
  3. deliver a blow to; "He belted his opponent"
  4. a band to tie or buckle around the body (usually at the waist)
  5. sing loudly and forcefully
  6. endless loop of flexible material between two rotating shafts or pulleys
  7. ammunition (usually of small caliber) loaded in flexible linked strips for use in a machine gun
  8. a vigorous blow; "the sudden knock floored him"; "he took a bash right in his face"; "he got a bang on the head"
  9. an elongated region where a specific condition or characteristic is found; "a belt of high pressure"
  10. a path or strip (as cut by one course of mowing)
  1. street name for a packet of illegal drugs
  2. a porch that resembles the deck on a ship
  3. a pack of 52 playing cards
  4. knock down with force; "He decked his opponent"
  5. decorate; "deck the halls with holly"
  6. be beautiful to look at; "Flowers adorned the tables everywhere"
  7. Wooden planking forming a deck or patio.
  8. any of various platforms built into a vessel
  1. beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight; "We licked the other team on Sunday!"
  1. directly; "he ran bang into the pole"; "ran slap into her"
  2. Theatrical make-up.
  3. the act of smacking something; a blow delivered with an open hand
  4. a blow from a flat object (as an open hand)
  5. hit with something flat, like a paddle or the open hand; "The impatient teacher slapped the student"; "a gunshot slapped him on the forehead"
  1. (boxing) a blow with the fist; "I gave him a clout on his nose"
  2. any of various terrestrial gastropods having an elongated slimy body and no external shell
  3. a projectile that is fired from a gun
  4. a strip of type metal used for spacing
  5. an amount of an alcoholic drink (usually liquor) that is poured or gulped; "he took a slug of hard liquor"
  6. an idle slothful person
  7. a counterfeit coin
  8. strike heavily, especially with the fist or a bat; "He slugged me so hard that I passed out"
  9. a unit of mass equal to the mass that accelerates at 1 foot/sec/sec when acted upon by a force of 1 pound; approximately 14.5939 kilograms
  10. be idle; exist in a changeless situation; "The old man sat and stagnated on his porch"; "He slugged in bed all morning"
  1. hit hard
  2. hosiery consisting of a cloth covering for the foot; worn inside the shoe; reaches to between the ankle and the knee
  3. a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast; used (e.g., at airports) to show the direction of the wind

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[How dare you!]

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