Sticky stuff - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 03/10/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Sticky stuff.

5 letter answer(s) to sticky stuff

  1. glue with epoxy; "epoxy the shards"
  2. a thermosetting resin; used chiefly in strong adhesives and coatings and laminates
  1. a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes
  2. an adhesive made from water and flour or starch; used on paper and paperboard
  3. join or attach with or as if with glue; "paste the sign on the wall"; "cut and paste the sentence in the text"
  4. any mixture of a soft and malleable consistency
  5. cover the surface of; "paste the wall with burlap"
  6. a hard, brilliant lead glass that is used in making artificial jewelry
  7. hit with the fists; "He pasted his opponent"
  1. any of a class of solid or semisolid viscous substances obtained either as exudations from certain plants or prepared by polymerization of simple molecules

4 letter answer(s) to sticky stuff

  1. join or attach with or as if with glue; "paste the sign on the wall"; "cut and paste the sentence in the text"
  2. Sticking ,Fixing
  3. cement consisting of a sticky substance that is used as an adhesive
  4. be fixed as if by glue; "His eyes were glued on her"
  1. (slang) a disparaging term for an Asian person (especially for North Vietnamese soldiers in the Vietnam War)
  2. any thick, viscous matter
  1. street names for gamma hydroxybutyrate
  2. any thick, viscous matter
  1. memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide; used to record audio or video signals or to store computer information; "he took along a dozen tapes to record the interview"
  2. register electronically; "They recorded her singing"
  3. a long thin piece of cloth or paper as used for binding or fastening; "he used a piece of tape for a belt"; "he wrapped a tape around the package"
  4. record on videotape
  5. a recording made on magnetic tape; "the several recordings were combined on a master tape"
  6. fasten or attach with tape; "tape the shipping label to the box"
  7. measuring instrument consisting of a narrow strip (cloth or metal) marked in inches or centimeters and used for measuring lengths; "the carpenter should have used his tape measure"
  8. the finishing line for a foot race; "he broke the tape in record time"

3 letter answer(s) to sticky stuff

  1. any thick, viscous matter
  1. coat with tar; "tar the roof"; "tar the roads"
  2. a man who serves as a sailor
  3. any of various dark heavy viscid substances obtained as a residue

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