Saw - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 10/09/2019

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Saw.

5 letter answer(s) to saw

  1. a condensed but memorable saying embodying some important fact of experience that is taken as true by many people
  2. proverb
  1. (logic) a proposition that is not susceptible of proof or disproof; its truth is assumed to be self-evident
  2. a saying that is widely accepted on its own merits
  1. marked by features of the immediate and usually discounted past
  2. assign a date to; determine the (probable) date of; "Scientists often cannot date precisely archeological or prehistorical findings"
  3. provide with a dateline; mark with a date; "She wrote the letter on Monday but she dated it Saturday so as not to reveal that she procrastinated"
  4. stamp with a date; "The package is dated November 24"
  5. go on a date with; "Tonight she is dating a former high school sweetheart"
  6. date regularly; have a steady relationship with; "Did you know that she is seeing an older man?"; "He is dating his former wife again!"

6 letter answer(s) to saw

  1. see with attention; "behold Christ!"
  1. a boat for communication between ship and shore
  2. someone whose work is cutting (as e.g. cutting cloth for garments)
  3. someone who carves the meat
  4. someone who cuts or carves stone
  5. a cutting implement; a tool for cutting
  6. a sailing vessel with a single mast set further back than the mast of a sloop
  1. catch sight of
  2. follow and watch
  1. give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority; "I said to him to go home"; "She ordered him to do the shopping"; "The mother told the child to get dressed"
  2. express a supposition; "Let us say that he did not tell the truth"; "Let's say you had a lot of money--what would you do?"
  3. indicate; "The clock says noon"
  4. communicate or express nonverbally; "What does this painting say?"; "Did his face say anything about how he felt?"
  5. recite or repeat a fixed text; "Say grace"; "She said her `Hail Mary'"
  6. speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way; "She pronounces French words in a funny way"; "I cannot say `zip wire'"; "Can the child sound out this complicated word?"
  7. utter aloud; "She said `Hello' to everyone in the office"
  8. express in words; "He said that he wanted to marry her"; "tell me what is bothering you"; "state your opinion"; "state your name"
  9. state as one's opinion or judgement; declar

4 letter answer(s) to saw

  1. having an eye or eyes or eyelike feature especially as specified; often used in combination; "a peacock's eyed feathers"; "red-eyed"
  2. look at

8 letter answer(s) to saw

  1. catch a glimpse of or see briefly; "We glimpsed the Queen as she got into her limousine"

7 letter answer(s) to saw

  1. get the meaning of something; "Do you comprehend the meaning of this letter?"
  2. hold firmly
  1. make or write a comment on; "he commented the paper of his colleague"
  2. express recognition of the presence or existence of, or acquaintance with; "He never acknowledges his colleagues when they run into him in the hallway"; "She acknowledged his complement with a smile"; "it is important to acknowledge the work of others in one's own writing"
  3. notice or perceive; "She noted that someone was following her"; "mark my words"
  4. discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of; "
  5. being perceived or observed; "an easily noticed effect on the rate of growth"

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A team only Mancunians originally saw?
A team order that’s generally accepted
Accepted proposition
Accepted rule
Accepted statement
Accepted statement from a football team over millions
Adage remaining with time passing
Adage, maxim
Argus-___ (vigilant)
Assessed visually
Basic assumption
Batsman having got amongst the bowlers this amount?
Bit of old wisdom
Bit of wisdom
Caught a glance of
Caught express to get fast boat
Caught sight of
Checked out
Clutched dog's tail, having got irritated
Coast Guard boat
Coast Guard vessel
Conducted 4 across square
Consumed drop of daiquiri after daughter went out
Craft of one in the tailoring trade
Detected without 1 Across
Draw saw
Encapsulated observation
Expressing in words
Gave the once-over
Gazed at
Gazed upon
Glanced at
Gnome repelled me abroad, going after a kiss
Gnome's promotion coming with maturity
Got a good look at
Got a load of
Got a look at
How a plain bun can be spotted
I had to be listened to and watched
I'd heard and observed
If a = b and b = c, then
In no way new
In the limelight
Instead, a general saying
It goes without saying
It may become a clich
It's a given
It's assumed
Item in "Poor Richard's A
Labelled with year? That's old-fashioned
Laid eyes on
Like saddle shoes and bel
Looked at
Looked at king-dismissing clue with my boss?
Looked over
Man after a kiss in principle
Man, after a kiss, accepted proposition
Maxim is remaining after tour’s leader has gone
Maxim, adage
No longer fashionable attorney bloke
No longer in
Not the time before Christ in traditional saying
Notice what women often don't give in saying
Observed envoy on vacation with newsman
Observed freshwater fish, so to speak
Of the old school
Oft-repeated words
Often-quoted line
Old fashioned
Old hat
Old saw
Old saying
Old saying, proverb
Old saying; proverb
Old-fashioned saw
Old-fashioned theologian inwardly worried
One working with Ruby possibly about to speak
Out of style
Part of Poor Richard's Al
Poor Richard's Almanack i
Proposition assumed to be self-evident
Proverb featuring a mild oath from the east
Proverb from the Christian era
Proverb used by head, a gentleman
Proverb, for example, popular and good
Proverb: all disbelievers are generally evangelic at the front
Proverb; old saying
Regarded guardedly
Remaining, not time for speaking
Report writer had studied
Ridiculous speed, I observed
Saw a time for publicity?
Saw American chopper landing on island
Saw commercial taking a long time
Saw how a cake was left undecorated
Saw how old Bill is?
Saw is a perceptive gift that is returned in the end
Saw not going to lose teeth, originally
Saw notice on time
Saw one in Glasgow filling sink
Saw out
Saw road agent removing wings
Saw socially
Saw state of unfinished cake?
Saying offering contrast with pre-Christian era?
Saying widely assumed to be true
Seen as a cake without topping
Self-evident truth
Ship’s tailor?
Ship's boat
Ship's surgeon?
Single-masted vessel
Sized up visually
Slasher of funding for coastal patrol boat
Sometime sampler stitchin
Spotted dog's beginning to follow detective
Spotted heavyweight rising, getting killed
Stared at
Surveyed? Not half!
They say the writer had checked out
Took a gander at
Took in
Took note of
Touch and go, declare a firm almost completely bust? It's 27
Traditional saying
Truth assumed to be self-evident
Universal principle
Visually assessed
Watched new episode, missing nothing
Watched warily
Watched, looked at
Went out with
Went out with old hat
Went out with single religious woman, leaving overwhelmed
Went with
Were a couple old-fashioned?
Wise saying
Words of wisdom
Words to live by
You can say that again

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