Old - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 14/05/2022

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Old.

4 letter answer(s) to old

  1. having attained a specific age; (`aged' is pronounced as one syllable); "aged ten"; "ten years of age"
  2. at an advanced stage of erosion (pronounced as one syllable); "aged rocks"
  3. people who are old collectively; "special arrangements were available for the aged"
  4. (used of tobacco) aging as a preservative process (`aged' is pronounced as one syllable)
  5. of wines, fruit, cheeses; having reached a desired or final condition; (`aged' pronounced as one syllable); "mature well-aged cheeses"
  6. advanced in years; (`aged' is pronounced as two syllables); "aged members of the society"; "elderly residents could remember the construction of the first skyscraper"; "senior citizen"
  7. grow old or older; "She aged gracefully"; "we age every day--what a depressing thought!"; "Young men senesce"
  8. begin to seem older; get older; "The death of his wife caused him to age fast"
  9. make older; "The death of his child aged him tremendously"
  1. time long past

7 letter answer(s) to old

  1. little evolved from or characteristic of an earlier ancestral type; "archaic forms of life"; "primitive mammals"; "the okapi is a short-necked primitive cousin of the giraffe"
  2. so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period; "a ramshackle antediluvian tenement"; "antediluvian ideas"; "archaic laws"
  1. people who are old collectively; "special arrangements were available for the aged"
  2. advanced in years; (`aged' is pronounced as two syllables); "aged members of the society"; "elderly residents could remember the construction of the first skyscraper"; "senior citizen"

5 letter answer(s) to old

  1. marked by features of the immediate and usually discounted past
  2. assign a date to; determine the (probable) date of; "Scientists often cannot date precisely archeological or prehistorical findings"
  3. provide with a dateline; mark with a date; "She wrote the letter on Monday but she dated it Saturday so as not to reveal that she procrastinated"
  4. stamp with a date; "The package is dated November 24"
  5. go on a date with; "Tonight she is dating a former high school sweetheart"
  6. date regularly; have a steady relationship with; "Did you know that she is seeing an older man?"; "He is dating his former wife again!"
  1. before the usual time or the time expected; "she graduated early"; "the house was completed ahead of time"
  2. in good time; "he awoke betimes that morning"
  3. during an early stage; "early on in her career"
  4. at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time; "early morning"; "an early warning"; "early diagnosis"; "an early death"; "took early retirement"; "an early spring"; "early varieties of peas and tomatoes mature before most standard varieties"
  5. being or occurring at an early stage of development; "in an early stage"; "early forms of life"; "early man"; "an early computer"
  6. of an early stage in the development of a language or literature; "the Early Hebrew alphabetical script is that used mainly from the 11th to the 6th centuries B.C."; "Early Modern English is represented in documents printed from 1476 to 1700"
  7. very young; "at an early age"
  8. belonging to the distant pas
  1. out of fashion; "a suit of rather antique appearance"; "demode (or outmoded) attire"; "outmoded ideas"

9 letter answer(s) to old


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With time to spare
Wrinkled, maybe
Yellowing, maybe

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