Even so - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Even so.

  1. without moving or making a sound; "he sat still as a statue"; "time stood still"; "they waited stock-still outside the door"; "he couldn't hold still any longer"
  2. an apparatus used for the distillation of liquids; consists of a vessel in which a substance is vaporized by heat and a condenser where the vapor is condensed
  3. marked by absence of sound; "a silent house"; "soundless footsteps on the grass"; "the night was still"
  4. a static photograph (especially one taken from a movie and used for advertising purposes); "he wanted some stills for a magazine ad"
  5. not sparkling; "a still wine"; "still mineral water"
  6. (poetic) tranquil silence; "the still of the night"
  7. cause to be quiet or not talk; "Please silence the children in the church!"
  8. make motionless
  9. make calm or still;
  10. lessen the intensity of or calm; "The news eased my conscience"; "still the fears"
  11. (of a body of water) free from disturbance b
  1. to a greater degree or extent; used with comparisons; "looked sick and felt even worse"; "an even (or still) more interesting problem"; "still another problem must be solved"; "a yet sadder tale"
  2. despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession); "although I'm a little afraid, however I'd like to try it"; "while we disliked each other, nevertheless we agreed"; "he was a stern yet fair master"; "granted that it is dangerous, all the same I still want to go"
  3. up to the present time; "I have yet to see the results"; "details are yet to be worked out"
  4. used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time; "So far he hasn't called"; "the sun isn't up yet"
  5. used after a superlative; "this is the best so far"; "the largest drug bust yet"
  6. within an indefinite time or at an unspecified future time; "he longed for the flowers that were yet to show themselves"; "sooner or later
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