Big time - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Big time.

3 letter answer(s) to big time

  1. a late time of life; "old age is not for sissies"; "he's showing his years"; "age hasn't slowed him down at all"; "a beard white with eld"; "on the brink of geezerhood"
  2. a prolonged period of time; "we've known each other for ages"; "I haven't been there for years and years"
  3. a time of life (usually defined in years) at which some particular qualification or power arises; "she was now of school age"; "tall for his eld"
  4. an era of history having some distinctive feature; "we live in a litigious age"
  5. begin to seem older; get older; "The death of his wife caused him to age fast"
  6. epoch/era
  7. grow old or older; "She aged gracefully"; "we age every day--what a depressing thought!"; "Young men senesce"
  8. how long something has existed; "it was replaced because of its age"
  9. make older; "The death of his child aged him tremendously"
  10. MATURE
  1. (baseball) a measure of a pitcher's effectiveness; calculated as the average number of earned runs allowed by the pitcher for every nine innings pitched
  2. a major division of geological time; an era is usually divided into two or more periods
  3. a period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event
  4. Abbreviation for Engine Room Artificer - rank in Royal Navy
  1. a short peg put into the ground to hold a golf ball off the ground
  2. connect with a tee; "tee two pipes"
  3. place on a tee; "tee golf balls"
  4. River in North East England
  5. support holding a football on end and above the ground preparatory to the kickoff
  6. the starting place for each hole on a golf course; "they were waiting on the first tee"

4 letter answer(s) to big time


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Basis for some discrimina
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Big Band ___
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Bio bit
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Birthday count
Birthday number
Bit of a snicker
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Block of time
Brand at the laundromat
Bronze ___
Bush ___
Buttonless shirt
Bygone pol. cause
Bygone polit. cause
Candle count
Carbon dating determinati
Casual attire
Casual shirt
Casual top
Cause of some spots
Cause of wrinkles
Cause that NOW championed
Cenozoic or Mesozoic
Cenozoic, e.g.
Census datum
Century 21 competitor
Certain intersection
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Chapter in history
Chapter of history
Characteristic period
Cheer competitor
Chem. datum
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Cold war foe
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Common ___
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Course accessory
Course requirement?
Curling goal
Dash competitor
Dating concern
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Daughter of Cadmus
Daughter of Cadmus, in my
Decade or so
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Depression ___
Detergent brand
Develop wrinkles, say
Developmental period
Diamond stat
Diamond stat.
Disco or swing follower
Disco ___
Distinctive period
Distinctive time
Division of history
Drive here and there regularly
Driver's aid
Driver's aid is what this begins with
Driver's helper
Driver's helper?
Driver's thingie
Driving aid
Driving aid?
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Eisenhower years, e.g.
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Fore site?
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Generation or more
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Get better, as wine
Get hoary
Get mellower
Get older
Get on
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Get saggy, say
Go gray
Goddess sacrificing hearts in time
Gold's is 79: Abbr.
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Golf bag item
Golf ball peg
Golf ball prop
Golf ball raiser
Golf ball support
Golf ball's perch
Golf device
Golf gadget
Golf gizmo
Golf peg
Golf prop
Golfer’s support
Golfer's gadget
Golfer's need
Golfer's support
Good fig. for Maddux or M
Good thing to keep low on
Grand time
Gray, in a way
Great time
Group of periods
Grow old
Grow older
Have a birthday
Her pa heads off for a time
Historic period
Historic time
Historical chapter
Historical division
Historical period
Historical stretch
Historical time
Historical topic
History segment
History text unit
Hole opener
Hoped-for low number: Abb
Horse-and-buggy ___
Hurler's stat
Hurler's stat.
ID info
Important date in October added
Important period
Improve, as beef
Inference from an ID
Informal shirt
Informal top
Informal wear
Information from tree rin
Information ___
It "goeth its way on trip
It contains periods
It gets things off the gr
It gives support in sport
It may be advanced
It may be hit by a driver
It may be understated
It may bring wisdom
It may have periods
It might be checked at th
It should be low on a dia
It starts tomorrow?
It's "just a number"
It's 5 for B and 6 for C:
It's 8 for O
It's low for aces: Abbr.
Italian diminutive suffix
Item used in a balancing
Its end is often observed
Jazz man
Keep in a barrel
Keep in a cellar, maybe
Kicker's aid
Kicker's prop
Kickoff aid
Kickoff device
Kickoff gadget
Kickoff need
Kind of group
Kind of limit
Kind of shirt
Kind of shot
Kind of time
Koufax stat.
Koufax's was 2.76
L.P.G.A. supporter?
Large time piece?
Laundry detergent brand
Laundry room brand
Legis. introduced into ev
Life time?
Links gadget
Links peg
Links prop
Live backing group appearing in later audition - an historic time
Live longer?
Long historical period
Long period of history
Long reign, e.g.
Long stretch
Long time
Long time shut up in seraglio
Long, long time
Lose freshness
Low fig. for Randy Johnso
Low no. for Roger Clemens
Major division of geological time datum
Mature and wise? Not initially
Mature herb needs head pruning
Mature household, female only?
Mellow, in a way
Mellow, say
Memorable age
Memorable period
Memorable time
Mesozoic or Paleozoic
Mesozoic ___
Mound stat
Muse has to leave for day
Muse wasting time with old age
Mythical mortal who helpe
Neolithic ___
Never-ratified women-rela
No. that should be as low
Nostalgia elicitor
Notable period
Notable time
Noted period
Noteworthy time
NOW political cause, once
O's is 8
Obituary datum
Oft-nicknamed period
Old NOW cause
Old polit. cause
One for the history books
One reigning over a long period
Onetime feminist cause, f
Paleontologist's estimate
Paleozoic, e.g.
Paleozoic, for one
Part of another age?
Part of B.C.E.
Particular time
Peg is to pour, missing out Mark
Peg with a concave top
Peg with a dent on top
Peg, youngster endlessly
Period covered by Northanger Abbey
Period in history
Period of history
Period of history covered by several
Period of note
Period of years
Period piece
Period piece?
Period Queen Anne initiated
Period to remember
Periodic table fig.
Periodic table stat.
Personal datum
Personnel datum
Piece of history
Piece of pipe
Pigskin prop
Pipe joint
Pitcher's stat
Pitcher's stat.
Pitching stat
Pitching stat.
Place for a swing
Place to start a hole
Plumber's fitting
Plumbing fitting
Popular laundry detergent
Post-PC ___
Prime members of German generation
Pro shop item
Procter & Gamble brand
Procter & Gamble detergen
Procter & Gamble laundry
Procter & Gamble's first
Prohibition ___
Prohibition ___ (1920-33)
Prohibition, e.g.
Proposal defeated in 1982
Questionnaire datum
Questionnaire info
Quite some time
Quod ___ faciendum
Rec room attire
Reconstruction, e.g.
Reflecting, for example, on a period of history
Regularly in retreat? It's common now
Reliever's stat
Repartee, not bad in advancing years
Rescuer of Odysseus
Rescuer of Odysseus, in m
Resort souvenir
Resting place on a field
Retreat regularly visited for period
Roaring Twenties, e.g.
Roman or Greek, e.g.
Ruth's was 2.28
Secret stat, sometimes
Secret, sometimes
See 12
Sensitive subject, often
Sensitive subject, to som
Several periods
She gave Odysseus a magic
Shirt to wear with shorts
Significant period
Significant stretch
Significant time
Silent one
Silent ___ (time before t
Simple shirt
Simple top
Sit in the cellar
Six, say, for a first-gra
Sizable duration
Slice of history
Slogan holder, often
Small peg
Some other age and time
Some other age?
Something to drive off of
Souvenir item
Souvenir shop item, for s
Souvenir shop offering
Soviet ___
Space-___ (modern)
Span of time
Sports stat that's best w
Sports supporter
Stage of history
Start of a giggle
Starting point for a long
Starting-off place
Stat for a reliever
Stat for Clemens
Stat for Gooden or Maddux
Stat for Maddux
Stat for Seaver or Santan
Stat for Warren Spahn: Ab
Stat that's better when l
Stat that's good when it'
Stat that's good when und
Stat. for Pedro Martinez
Stat. that's good when lo
Store, as wine
Student datum
Subject of a guessing gam
Subject of many lies
Summer shirt
Summer shirt, for short
Summer shirt, informally
Summer wear
Support for Tiger Woods?
Support from unnamed youth
Support is there from time to time
Supporter held up by 23
Supporter on course initially tackling English exam
Survey info
Sweetheart holds up item that helps swingers raise their game
Swing site
Temporal stretch
The 80's, say
The Clinton years, e.g.
The Depression, e.g.
The Roaring Twenties, e.g
The Roosevelt years, e.g.
The Sixties, e.g.
The Thatcher years, e.g.,
The time of one's life
The time of one's life?
The Wild West was one
Thing to drive off of
Third of October
Three-way joint
Tick (off)
Tide alternative
Tide competitor
Tide rival
Time about right, engine starts up
Time and space mostly set up
Time final pieces from the chamber orchestra
Time for Gunners to follow up Emirates' opener
Time for one area to be recalled
Time for the history book
Time frame
Time fuse eventually found by soldiers
Time gone by
Time in another age
Time in history
Time in moderation
Time in therapy
Time of one's life
Time on earth
Time period
Time phone company showed support
Time piece
Time piece?
Time the bitter saga ends
Time to remember
Time worth noting
Time worth remembering
Time zone reduced after upset
Time zone trimmed after reflection
Timeline division
Titleist supporter
Tom Seaver's 2.86, e.g.
Top-Flite support
Topic of many a lie
Touchy subject, to some p
Tree rings indication
Tudor ___
Turn gray, say
Twain's "The Gilded ___"
Two or more periods
Unit of geologic time
Vacation souvenir
Venerable in middle age
Victorian ___
Victorian, for one
Vital statistic
Well-kept secret, for som
What candles may reveal
What candles may signify
What candles sometimes re
What Dorian Gray didn't d
What rings may signify
What rings reveal about a
What the number of birthd
What the rings signify on
Where a hole starts
Wine improver
Word before or after old
Years of note
___ cost
___ cost (free)
___ extra cost
___ hurry
___ of Good Feeling
___ of Good Feelings
___ of Good Feelings, 181
___ point (never)
___ time (course slot)
___ time (golf course slo
___ time (never)
___ time flat
___ uncertain terms
___ way, shape or form

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