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2nd April 2024, 21:23
Good evening.

1a - Fall of assassin that’s central to Ides (7)

I have no idea what’s going on with this one.

Could someone advise please?
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2nd April 2024, 21:32
an assassin of julius caesar followed by the middle letters of ides, to mean a "fall"

btw did you get the clue without letters yesterday?
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2nd April 2024, 21:32
A famous, historical assassin, followed by the usual 'central to Ides', resulting in a fall, downpour.
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2nd April 2024, 21:39
Ok thank you. I was trying to shoehorn BRUTUS into the answer; I didn’t know there were others.

No i did not solve the clue yesterday unfortunately. I was too frustrated to see the humour!

Why did the clue not include the apostrophe of HAVEN’T?
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2nd April 2024, 21:54
The enumeration of clues won’t generally include apostrophes, it’s just a convention.
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