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7th February 2024, 12:16
I am stuck with no clues solved at all.

Could someone give me a few pointers for 2 or 3 clues please, just to get me a way in?
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7th February 2024, 12:28
1a On Seaside Spot (initial letters) OS S with what birds eat inside this(4 letters) some more birds for the definition
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7th February 2024, 12:29
2a defn is dealing with cake ...what you do before serving a cake
SL (seasonal without the filling) + what you might put on top of a cake to decorate it...
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7th February 2024, 12:35
Very kind. Thank you.

That makes sense.
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7th February 2024, 13:44
The entire puzzle is blogged here if you get stuck:
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7th February 2024, 14:32
Thank you.

I try really hard to do as much as I can before reading 225 ( I can usually solve about 5 or 6 clues on my own on a good day!)
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7th February 2024, 19:46
druh, why don’t you do what you’ve done today? Each day, when you’ve gone as far as you can, post here with what you’ve already solved and any thoughts that you may have on others. where you have an inkling of what they might be but can’t quite see them through. I’d certainly be happy to give you nudges as I’m sure others would be. It would be better, and probably more ‘educational’ for you, than just going to 225.
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7th February 2024, 22:08
Simond9x, I rather like that idea.

Perhaps we could have a permanent Guardian thread along the lines of “Guardian Cryptics hints and nudges only” which could be used by anyone just needing a small steer on any given day.

Currently if you are a bit stuck your only option is to go to 225 for the full answer (once the blog is posted), or use the reveal function should you be using the app.

I’m confident there are a good many forum members here who would be happy to give gentle nudges and a permanent thread would make asking for help a little easier (and tidier) than setting up a new thread every day.

What do others think?
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10th February 2024, 08:00
I think it's a great idea. I try to do the guardian puzzles every day and only tend to come to this forum on weekends.

On weekdays I use 225 only after I have completed the puzzles or if I am completely stuck. Mainly I find it useful to explain answers I couldn't parse fully.

I find the help given here for the prize and everyman MUCH more satisfactory. It's more rewarding to get the answer from subtle hints and nudges as opposed to a complete reveal.
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10th February 2024, 09:38
As mentioned in the Prize thread…
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