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24th November 2022, 10:29
I see that they've stopped even bothering to say: "The dictionary prize is not available at present," A pity - I won the current edition of Chambers in 2019 and had hoped that they might be offering the chance of winning it again by the time the next edition is published. Maybe I'll have to use some of the Waterstones gift cards I've accumulated from Mephisto.

By the way, I found this latest puzzle a joyless trudge, with not the hint of a smile raised by any clue nor the need to open the aforementioned disctionary.
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24th November 2022, 13:51
Will37, I too found today's Spectator puzzle disappointing in the extreme - too many easy clues and a theme lacking in originality. I think even the most ardent Doc fan would find it difficult to praise this one!
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24th November 2022, 14:12
Too easy for the Spec
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24th November 2022, 15:07
I blinked and nearly missed it.
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29th November 2022, 23:29
Well, I need help with my last one, please.

23d Primitive Methodist is a noisy Scottish musician (6)
I have R?NTA?


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30th November 2022, 01:32
Fred, the second A should be an E. Double definition, both in Chambers.
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30th November 2022, 12:19
Thank you , Mattrom .
How stupid of me to put in A when it is so clearly an E from the clue. Doh!
All sorted now.

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