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23rd November 2022, 13:00
Hello. I've got answers to 2 clues that I don't understand-assuming the answers are correct.

4D Happy son worked on board. I assume the word play is s=son and crewed=worked on board. But I don't understand the definition. How does screwed=happy.

And 26A I clear part of the eye is presumably iris but I don't understand why.

Any help greatly appreciated! :)
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23rd November 2022, 13:17
I think 26a is IRID. Another word for iris, and to rid is to clear.

4d. Screwed and happy are both synonyms for tipsy, a little drunk
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23rd November 2022, 14:10
Thank you so much Quisling for taking the time to reply. You've eased my curiosity and I've learned something in the process! :)
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