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12th June 2022, 10:26
Hello everyone. Please can anyone help with the following?

33d: Shown a card - taken (6). The letters I have (and I think they're all correct) are - O - K - D.

56a: Three or four days perhaps a short space to penetrate obscure knowledge (4,7). I think the answer must be LONG WEEKEND but I don't fully understand the parsing.

I'm also a bit puzzled by 54a: Most substantial course is something involving blackbirds? Allow opposition (5,2,10).

The answer appears to be PIECE DE RESISTANCE. I can see how the solution is constructed (PIES CEDE RESISTANCE), but I'm not convinced about the definition. Can anyone show chapter and verse for PIECE DE RESISTANCE meaning "most substantial course"?

All help gratefully received!
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12th June 2022, 10:29
33, booked.
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12th June 2022, 10:36
EN (space) in anag of KNOWLEDGE

Chambers gives "The substantial course at dinner, the joint"
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12th June 2022, 10:37
Madwoman... Chambers says 'the substantial course at dinner'.so 54 seems fine.

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12th June 2022, 11:04
Thanks everyone!
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