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norah (admin)

10th June 2022, 09:00
I’m trialling yet another new approach to the Listener. If any member of the Forum thinks that a post gives away too much, could you please say so in the Listener thread BEFORE emailing me about the matter.

This approach has come about because I have received the following comments from a member of the Forum who is concerned about my ‘censorship’ of posts when I get emails saying that they reveal too much about the Theme and other matters.

"Rather than amend the existing thread could I suggest a moratorium on the practice of private correspondence as a means of getting posts removed?”

“I think people who wish to have a post removed should say so publicly, that in itself would discourage any over zealous censorship”

“I don't think any post should be censored on the basis of an objection that hasn't appeared on the thread itself (it provides an opportunity for contributors to your site to settle scores with people who might have disagreed with them in the past). “

I think we are in the realms of children in the playground with the comments about scores to settle. However, in the interests of fairness to all our members, I am willing to trial his idea of posting in the Forum before emailing me to see what happens.

Watch this space.

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