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29th May 2022, 17:56
I solved this puzzle using the Sunday Times's print edition but when I went to the paper's website to submit it online I found that they have posted 3223 there - obviously trying a little too hard to get ahead for the coming bank holiday weekend. I've emailed the crosswords editor and I expect that the correct grid will appear after he reads my message on Monday.
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30th May 2022, 11:46
Thanks for the heads-up, will37. I printed it yesterday but it's on the to-do pile.
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31st May 2022, 14:55
I have now had a reply from the Sunday Times Crosswords Editor. I shan't attempt to summarize it - just copy-and-paste:

"We have decided to accept entries for both 3222 in print and 3223 online this week, with both contests closing at the end of Saturday, and that 3223 in print and 3222 online next Sunday will both be non-competition puzzles.

As an entry for 3222 in print, it's fine to send an email to the stated address, with a scan or attachment of your handwritten solution. It's also OK to send a typed solution in a format similar to the one used in the paper each week.

The key point is that you must include the correct puzzle number in your entry to ensure that it's included in the draw (done automatically if you type up a solution online). As we have had to make both 3222 and 3223 acceptable numbers for that purpose, an entry making the same mistake that someone here made and confusing those two numbers will end up in the wrong draw.

You can also enter for 3223 if you want, and the online versions include print options if you prefer to solve that way."

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