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16th May 2022, 01:42
Thanks to Eclogue for an enjoyable puzzle, the only tinge of disappointment being we had to name the missing property rather than depict it - I jest, of course, I know that would be pretty much impossible:-)

I have parsing query with ...

5 Scots removed sport taking large number for money

It looks like a straight letter substitution but I can't see where "large" fits in?
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16th May 2022, 02:38
Chambers says: N="An indefinite number, esp in a series (mathematics), often (informal) implicitly a large number"
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16th May 2022, 02:44
Ah, I saw N = "number" and stopped there, I should have known better - many thanks Buddy, much appreciated:-)
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16th May 2022, 05:41
I 'depicted' it with my face when the bad news was confirmed.
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16th May 2022, 06:20
A very entertaining puzzle with a great endgame. Thank you, Eclogue - what a shame that it seems we only have a few more enjoyable EVs to fill two or three hours on a Sunday evening.
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19th May 2022, 15:25
24 d. Cuckoo occasionally found in rain-hit environment.(6)
Have finished grid and end game, but stuck on this one. I have ern—- . Any hints/ tips would be appreciated
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19th May 2022, 15:28
24 Joycie, the 'cuckoo' would be the last three letters of the entry (and they come from 'occasionally (good crossword word!) found in rain hit environment'.
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19th May 2022, 19:00
At 16Ac I have a word which can be a monetary note reversed, making an addition which can be made to milk. I can think of a three letter word meaning "steep", which might be relevant (RET), but that leaves me to justify either ENN or NNE. If I didn't know better, I might think the setter was cluing to include some omitted letters and forgot half way through. I'm very confident of my solutions for 10,5,6,7, & 8 Down. I don't know, perhaps the 6 letters I have written in are a synonym for the first word in the clue, which I have been unable to source. Can anyone enlighten me?
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19th May 2022, 19:29
In the latest edition of Chambers I have your 6 letter word is given right at the end of the second entry for steep.
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20th May 2022, 00:00
Thanks Alwayspuzzled. You are right. I just didn't read far enough. I can now sleep more easily.
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