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7th May 2022, 20:42
Puzzle - WSJ 20220507

Please click Download PDF


Solution for previous - WSJ 20220409


As always, for best results download & save the file, then open & print.
(In Preview mode check if the Fit button provides a larger grid)

The solution is usually available a week later at the same puzzle link.


Previous puzzles & threads can be found here:


Browse the site for other puzzles.

There is a new button for Variety puzzles:

Cryptics are now posted there as well but earlier ones reside here if labelled corectly:
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7th May 2022, 21:07
Many thanks, syzygy.
The clues were not so difficult, but the supplementary process was interesting and most entertaining.
[Spoiler alert]
Warning: one clue involves American usage that could be unfamiliar to many.
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7th May 2022, 22:31
You're welcome.
A bit too easy & several clues had a US answer.

The code part was a good addition.
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7th May 2022, 23:57
Quite US-centric as noted (no complaint here!). The structure is almost frighteningly ingenious. Thanks, syzzie!
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8th May 2022, 08:29
Loved the fact no missing clues!

Have done the decoding, so happy. I imagine the US word is in the SW corner, as I haven't done 3 of those! Not worried, though.
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18th May 2022, 08:48
Thanks again syzygy, pretty straightforward but again I appreciate the design, innovative as ever.
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18th May 2022, 12:26
Good fun - thanks Syz!
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