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7th April 2021, 22:37
Im doing a CryptoFamily and the heading makes no sense to me. For those who have never done one an example would be a heading that says: AT THE CARNIVAL and underneath the heading is an example of answer which in this case lists "Tunnel of Love".

The one thats confusing has the heading:


and underneath that, the example of an answer would be "Poinsettia".
What in the hell does that even mean, is that tongue and cheek, or literal. Can anyone explain that?
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7th April 2021, 22:42
According to Chambers it was named for:

Joel Roberts Poinsett (1779–1851), US Minister to Mexico

so the answers are names derived from people's names?

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8th April 2021, 00:08
Damn ur good. Tell me this, one of these has an apostrophe in the answer. Is there a 2 word phrase with an apostrophe in it that you can think of at the top of your head thats named after someone? Besides Halley's Comet and that didnt work.
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