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17th October 2020, 22:57
Would appreciate help, please, with 22 across, I'm leaving mum's fishy foodstuff. I think answer is probably tarama, short for taramasalata, but can't parse this.
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17th October 2020, 23:00
Yes, "tarama" is fish roe,

"I'm leaving mum" = bye bye ma = ta ra ma
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18th October 2020, 11:27
Thanks, Brendan.
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20th October 2020, 12:03
Another regionally specific answer. We dont say tara in Scotland (not in my circles, anyway).
Added to which I've never heard of tarama. The word itself does not appear in my Chambers, the closest being the mention of "taramas" in the etymology of taramasalata.
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20th October 2020, 12:25
Both 'tara' and 'tarama' are in the Oxford Dictionary of English, but not in Chambers. The Times puzzles are not restricted to only one dictionary, I think the crossword editor has said, several times, that the setters use the 'standard references'. I think this means Chambers, ODE and Collins.
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