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29th June 2020, 23:41
1a. Have relations gone over a round hill ? (4) *N**
12a. They are all I am , being great intellects. (8). *I***A*S
3d. Fish served up on platter is a bit off (7) **D*I**
25a. Make ready , as con leaving back of jail (4) **R*
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29th June 2020, 23:53
1a is the cheekiest clue I've seen in a long while. It's KNOB - BONK backwards.
3d is BADDISH - DAB, the fish backwards + DISH

Still puzzling over the others I'm afraid. Good luck!
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30th June 2020, 00:52
25 Earn ?? (make ready/ make cash)

Con = (L)earn

L being the back of (jai)L
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30th June 2020, 01:16
12a BIG HEADS - double definition?
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30th June 2020, 07:58
Yes, I suppose egotistical comes to mind when the clue starts 'They are all I am...'. I can just about accept 'heads'='intellects'.

Re 1ac knob/bonk - deeply shocked!
More bodily functions in 17ac 'Where one might go.. ' being the LOO in Waterloo.

What is the ST coming to!?
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