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29th June 2020, 15:34
Can I bring EV solvers' attention to the following note posted today by the EV editor on the fifteensquared site, with reference to ensuring that the Telegraph understands the true popularity of the EV and doesn't once more decide to cancel it. This option would be particularly relevant to those who don't submit entries and who either prefer to comment as soon as they are done with the puzzle or would rather that their comments were not publicly visible.

"I have thought of another way in which solvers could visibly show their support for the EV; I am sometimes forwarded comments on puzzles received at the EV Editor email. The Puzzles Editor sees all these, as he sends them to me to send to the setter. It does, unfortunately, only happen rarely. So, if you want to show your appreciation to the setter and help the EV, you can send a mail to after you’ve done the puzzle, while it is fresh in the mind. Even just a quick email as part of your EV routine would be great and I can assure you that setters are very happy to receive feedback on their puzzles."
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29th June 2020, 15:51
Thank you for that Spoffy and for all our help and support in making sure that EV was not discontinued. I am more than willing to do as you suggest.
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29th June 2020, 16:29
I will be e-mailing the EV editor to express my appreciation of yesterday's puzzle.
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29th June 2020, 20:58
I’ve sent an email and hope to remember the need to do this every week.
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30th June 2020, 11:03
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30th June 2020, 11:38
I haven't finished this yet, but when I do (or should I say "if i do"!) , I will leave some feedback.
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30th June 2020, 16:25
I had a reply to my email from Steve Bartlett, the EV editor, thanking me for it and encouraging future feedback.
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