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23rd May 2020, 02:06
The UK is a relatively small country yet it boasts a remarkable number of regional accents - some of which can be hard to decipher by other `British` people even though we purport to`speak` the same language. I sometimes think `English` as it is spoken around the world is easier to comprehend than the language spoken in these islands.

Here is Kevin Bridges again, highlighting the problem ...
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23rd May 2020, 04:01
My wife is from Rhode Island, only a few miles from where we live in Massachusetts. When our kids were young and she signed a couple of them up for a soccer league the guy who was running the show announced that they'd be getting shots. She was startled, but then realized that he'd meant shorts. I would have gotten it right off.
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23rd May 2020, 08:15
aristo @2
You've reminded me of the first sentence of a Dashiell Hammett book (Red harvest?). It was something like this:
"The first time I heard Personville called Poisonville was from a barkeep in (?). As he called his shirt a shoit I paid it no attention."
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23rd May 2020, 12:33
A sure way to annoy Scots is to call them `scotch` ... the most attractive Scottish accent I`ve heard belonged to a wee lassie called Beth who I worked with. She came from Kirkcaldy in Fife.
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23rd May 2020, 12:35
Yes, there are only two things which are "scotch" - whisky and mist!
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