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7th September 2019, 02:32
I seldom do this crossword, but am often struck by how many posts the weekly thread gets, so, as I couldn't sleep I thought I'd give it a go. To say it's more difficult than the Everyman would be the understatement of the year!

I eventually managed to finish it but there were a couple I couldn't completely parse.

22d would be a case in point - despite living there, though the answer is clear.

3d, no matter how I work it I've always got the "O" left over, assuming I've got the right answer.

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7th September 2019, 02:35
Cancel 22d, as is so often the case, the answer becomes clear moments after posting.
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7th September 2019, 04:27
Ho Brendan, I have 3d as a homophone with 'base' as the definition.
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7th September 2019, 09:45
Got it, thanks Mattrom.
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7th September 2019, 10:25
At 1d, the wordplay is clear, but the only place it yields doesn't seem to be notably ungodly.
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7th September 2019, 10:43
I only knew it as a boy as one of the two giants on either side of my map of London (they are carried in the Lord Mayor's Procession). But it seems Ezekiel describes it as the land from which Gog, the destroyer of the Israelites, comes from ...
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7th September 2019, 11:05
It is said to be under the rule of Satan, hence ungodly
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7th September 2019, 19:16
Hi everyone

I'm finding this one very hard. I haven't got either of the long clues and many others. Please can someone tell me if I have the right answer to 3d. Caught group in army base. (4) I have C?M?. I can't see the homophone referred to on this thread. If I have it right I may have an answer for 9ac and maybe 1ac.

I'm also not sure of my answer to 5d Feller tricked about European turtle as I can't parse it. I've assumed the definition is turtle.

Any hints gratefully received.
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7th September 2019, 19:21
Hi roof
3d your M is wrong
5d the "feller" is "one who fells"
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7th September 2019, 19:21
I think your "M" is wrong in 3d.
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