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13th August 2019, 15:09
I assume that the answer to "Lion's taken in by various nuts, as most mammals are" (38d) is "VIVIPAROUS". Most mammals are viviparous, so that's the definition. "various nuts" implies an anagram of "various". That leaves "VIP" as meaning "lion". How on earth does "lion" give "VIP"? I realise that to lionise a person makes them important, but...???
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13th August 2019, 15:17
Chambers gives one definition of Lion as 'a famous or conspicuous person', so that seems to make VIP ok. That definition comes from the lions once kept in the Tower of London.
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13th August 2019, 15:18


13th August 2019, 15:24
Ah I see. Thanks. Obviously I need to buy yet another dictionary :-)
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