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10th August 2019, 20:30
Puzzle - WSJ 20190810

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Solution for previous – WSJ 20190713:

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10th August 2019, 21:25
Many thanks again syzygy, pretty straightforward with my only "query" being what I take is an acceptable abbreviation over there.
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10th August 2019, 23:16
Thanks syzygy. Could manage that one, once I'd read the preamble properly! I can't parse the middle bit of 5 (1)
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10th August 2019, 23:22
Thanks, Syzygy. A few I haven't parsed yet, but will have another look later.
Ros, 5(1) centre part is the surname of a player in an ice hockey team.
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11th August 2019, 07:31
Thank you mattrom, see it now. Bruin clearly didn't mean that to me!
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11th August 2019, 21:50
I have a couple of queries.
3 (2) I can't find a reference for RU as 'all the rest'
7 (1) ...or O for 'operator'
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14th August 2019, 22:54
Sorry for the delay. Hadn't looked in for a while.

These puzzles sometimes have clues that are a bit looser than some would like, but the Ximenean influence probably didn't extend across the pond.

7a - O for operator is from a telephone dial. Maybe passé now.
3b - URHEN - "[the] chicken before all the rest". See Chambers for UR.

I know someone will be along shortly to argue about this.
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15th August 2019, 05:12
Thanks, Syzygy. 'Urhen' appears to have been dropped from my 13th. Ed. of Chambers, so appreciate explanation.
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15th August 2019, 07:21
There was a ? at the end of the clue to indicate a jest.
However, in this case that seems to be not enough.
Considering some really loose clues I've seen in British periodicals, I wonder about the reaction to an innocent & humorous one in a US mag.
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15th August 2019, 08:29
Syzygy, I think my post #8 must not have come across as I intended.
I was trying to say that I appreciated the explanation as I couldn't find it myself.
There was no intended criticism of that clue or the puzzles generally, which I have always enjoyed.
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