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10th August 2019, 19:57
22d. Introduce a new cat by name (8)

I have _n_o_r_e. Beyond that, I haven't a clue. ;-)
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10th August 2019, 20:01
An n(new) ounce (cat)
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10th August 2019, 20:02
I think your R might be wrong....
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10th August 2019, 20:29
Doh! We had "ers" instead of "ing" for the end of 20ac. I blame my wife for that one... ;-)
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13th August 2019, 18:56
Re 24 across ..
I was so pleased with myself for getting the answer, but still couldn't work out what 22 down was.
Looking at this thread I realised I had a T where I needed an N for the second letter of ANNOUNCE.
Guess what I'd done. Yes, that's right. I'd put HANGING BASKETS OF BABYLON, which I think might have been a joke in a TV programme years ago!
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