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11th May 2019, 21:04
We have spoken about politics. 2 Years ago I had a few days in Bridlington and discussed politics with the hotel owner. He told me he was a member of the Yorkshire Party. I assumed he was joking but he has just been elected! Incredible.
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12th May 2019, 19:43
Hi Jigjag

We have 9 Parties standing for the EU Election in the Yorkshire and Humber region. The Yorkshire Party are mainly interested in devolution for Yorkshire but Sheffield & Rotherham seem to want the Government-preferred `City Region` devolution. Dan Jarvis has recently been elected Mayor of this `Sheffield City Region`despite supporting the wider `Yorkshire` devolution!

Personally (surprise-surprise) I support `Yorkshire` devolution - I was hoping to vote`Monster Raving Loony` in the Euros but they seem to have disappeared ... leaving Nigel Farage as the next best option!
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13th May 2019, 20:25
Tyke Thanks. I can understand the Yorkshire devolution angle, but this hotel owner was very much in the Basil Fawlty style, so there is one councillor not far removed from the "Monster Raving Loony Party".

I remember when their candidate got more votes than the SDP in Southport and that was the end of them.

I will vote Labour as I think Corbyn has done well in sticking to the Brexit pledge and trying to get a deal with May. I just dont think she will budge, so that opens up the possibility of some cricket/ politics spoofs!
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14th May 2019, 16:06

If we`re being serious - I`m a Labour Party member but not a Corbyn fan. IMHO he`s not fit to be Prime Minister and is just a stooge for the `momentum` group who have taken over the party.

Both major parties will probably survive the kicking they are about to get in the Euro election but the Peterborough by-election on 6th June might see them batting on a very sticky wicket!
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14th May 2019, 21:43

Yes I am not keen on Corbyn either but pleased he said he would respect referendum result.

On 6th June I will be at Trent Bridge for Australia - W Indies in World Cup - so hope that is not a sticky dog, even if Peterborough is!
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15th May 2019, 09:51

Trent Bridge is a lovely ground - one of my favourites - apart from the Trent Bridge Inn the `Stratford Haven` is just up the road if you need a drink to take away the Brexit Blues.
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15th May 2019, 19:29

It is my favourite test ground - saw Kohli century there last year. Thanks for the tip on Stratford Haven -might well try it as I usually park near there.
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