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13th March 2019, 22:27
...changed the rubric of peer review when I set? I feel it could be a little clearer as to strictness of timings and some other etceterae. If anyone says no I'll shut up and revert to the previous version.

See below:-

Welcome to our weekly competition to compose a cryptic clue, to be judged on by fellow contestants.

Forum members may enter an unlimited number of clues and all forum members are most welcome to join in.

Please explain your clue if you think it will help others to get it - also please feel free to ask another poster to explain their clue [such requests may be made before the submission of clues closes].

Entrants should vote for their preferred clue after submission of clues has finished (see below). Voters should clearly include the post number of their preferred clue.

Votes from forum members who have not submitted a clue will be disregarded.

The entry with the most votes wins and its composer sets next week's competition.

No comments on clues should be made until voting has finished.

Clues may be submitted from now until 11.00am on Friday 15th March.

Votes may be posted from 11.00am to 8.00pm on the above date.

Any clues or votes date-stamped outside of these times and dates will be disregarded.

The setter has the deciding vote in the event of a tie and has sole discretion to do so. The setter will declare the winner and award an online prize.

This week’s peer review challenge is:


Have fun and good luck!
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13th March 2019, 23:16
Hi KT; the existing intro has evolved over the past few years and it works fine. If you feel as
a newbie that your text may attract more people and / or you found it confusing then feel free to post the new text! People have a habit of changing the timings from time to time anyway.
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13th March 2019, 23:26
Thank you Paul, good advice to a newbie.

It's just that in a previous life [when I accidentally found myself] in academia enormous effort went into ensuring clarity in rubrics such as this.

I thought there were some creaky gaps here, some ambiguities or omissions of clarity, using my old boring brainal cortex.

I'll stick with this Paul if I may, the winner next week can always change it back!

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14th March 2019, 08:31
It's for fun and friendship, not a legal document and, as Paul says, the intro has evolved over several years.

However, I go in for these competitions so rarely these days that what I think doesn't matter
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14th March 2019, 09:08
It's worked up to now KT so, as the saying goes,
'if it ain’t broke, don’t ˈfix it'.....and as Rosalind says, it is only for fun.
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14th March 2019, 22:09
OK, sorry everyone - M
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