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11th February 2019, 06:14
Hi Elle, sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

I only checked the definition of 'Rail' in the online dictionaries (Collins, TheFreeDictionary, and Chambers!) and they all confirmed what I had thought the meaning to be, hence my post. The annoying thing is that, not for the first time, I didn't bother to check the Chambers app on my phone, I just assumed the online and app definitions would be the same. I should have realised that the phone app, which you have to buy, is going to be more detailed than a free version - otherwise why spend the money?

From now on I'll make sure to use the Chambers app as my primary reference source. That's the plan anyway - again! :)
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11th February 2019, 10:30
No problem, Brendan!
Of course, there is always the possibility that all the other well- known, and well-established dictionaries, are correct in omitting that (very dubious) definition of "rail"......... and that Chambers, the odd-one out, is wrong?
Shades of Aristotles' "One swallow does not a summer make........." although quoted here out of context ……..comes to mind.
Not to mention the soldier, who was out of step......
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