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11th January 2019, 10:20
8 Across, Beard of a beatnik might be something great (3,4,8)

11 Across, Prepared like game song, any number from a Eurovision country (9)

12 Across, Reducing severity of X10,U18 in rough reports (11)

20 Across, Stop before data transfer speed is to tail off (11)

Compiler - NESTOR

Many Thanks
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11th January 2019, 10:24
8a The cat's whiskers
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11th January 2019, 10:26
Good morning, diablos.

8 The cat (beatnik)'s whiskers

11 Hung (prepared like game) aria n

12 Ex ten u ating

20 Deter io rate
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11th January 2019, 10:50
Good morning to you both and many thanks to you both.
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