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10th January 2019, 10:24

I agree. I have never heard SA used for Sex Appeal and many years since I heard "It" used in that sense. My female friends simply tell me that a girl is sexy or dripping with sex or something similar. I dont know what ladies say when they are talking to each other.

I could not post this on the original thread, apparently the title is too long. I am struggling to post - "store fronts" confuse me and I dont know what a crosswalk is!
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10th January 2019, 12:40
Hello, Jigjag. I'm glad my post on the other thread made sense - I got the silly 'title is too long' message a couple of times, so ended up writing shorter, snappier posts in case they weren't able to get through!

I'm pleased to hear that it's not only me who think some bits used in crosswords are (well) past their use-by date - SA and It being prime examples. I'd also include 'char' and 'daily' too if it wasn't acknowledged that they were old and seldom used. (I'd say 'never' used, but I suppose I can't speak for everyone.)
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