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6th December 2018, 00:32
I have a full grid and most of the letters

Samuel gold??n ?r and the name schmuckle but I can't link the two . Am I wrong?

Can someone point the way as to why I shade random words that I can see in the grid

As usual I am trying not to use Google

Thanks 4 any help
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6th December 2018, 01:21
Hi ludo,
Your split of the 24 letters should be 16 & 8 (the 16, as you've got, made up with the forename Samuel with a surname beginning Gold... though it's difficult to comment on the other letters as you've presented them). Schmuckle should be Schmu?le.
Once you've got the correct names it'll either mean something to you or not. If the latter I don't see other than Google helping but it's then straightforward if you do.
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