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4th December 2018, 14:54
transport road or rail
1 what a carry on -don't drop it (6)
makes or models of cars
what you need if you're applying for a couple of jobs (3)
water vehicles
saintly sinner ? cut it out !(7)
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4th December 2018, 15:00
In case anyone's wondering, this is not from a crossword - it's a quiz. The Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link quiz - closing date 12 January 2019.
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4th December 2018, 15:03
Brainless seems to rely on people not asking what quiz it is and closing date etc
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4th December 2018, 15:03
Why not number the clues and space them out a bit better?
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5th December 2018, 12:31
Water vehicle, clipper?
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12th December 2018, 20:13
Thanks quizmad ,can you explain how you got clipper ,I don't understand what saintly sinner means .
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