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2nd December 2018, 10:03
Incorrect details again?
Marked as Plain, but should it not be a Competition Puzzle - there is an asterisked clue!
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2nd December 2018, 10:08
Yes ... but at least we have a decent sized grid today .. have needed a magnifying glass to see it last few weeks!
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6th December 2018, 18:39
Can someone give me a hint for the parsing of 3d please? Old boy got up, interrupted by a very rowdy party.

There's a note under the puzzle to say Chambers doesn't give an explicit reference in the answer. I've completed the grid and am fairly sure I've got the right solution. I can account for "a very" "up" and the definition, which leaves RE as possibly "old boy", and that's the bit I can't work out. Eg were Royal Engineers old boys?

I might be on the wrong lines anyway.
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6th December 2018, 19:19
Puer is Latin for “eiernal boy”.Reverse it and add abbreviation for “a very”.
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6th December 2018, 19:34
Thank you very much, Jadzia.
I looked up the reversal puer (because of up) in OED and none of the definitions matched, which was why I thought 'up' was just as it appeared in the clue. Puer as Latin for boy didn't occur to me, embarrassingly.

(Oh God, how many more CAPTCHAs do I have to look at?)
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