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13th June 2018, 18:09
This is usually the friendliest of sites. I have no idea what has rattled ginge's cage today - most unlike him!
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13th June 2018, 18:10
Same here. I am completely confused.
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13th June 2018, 19:37
Am not a happy bunny.
Please don't leave Clueless and/or Peer review, drmorgans, we need new contestants. It takes ages to get a vote/win, but it is lovely when you do.
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13th June 2018, 21:18
Drmorgans, please don't stop posting. Hallgreening and I - and a few others - are Private Eye regulars on here and it's always good to see new faces!
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13th June 2018, 21:44

Thanks for your comments. I have no idea what prompted the reaction. A mistake on my part, but an innocent one. Then suggestions that I was spoofing, having caused problems in the past.

I'll just keep my head low and concentrate on Private Eye crossword related matters, which other websites tend not to. Anyway I think I've finished 627, so feet up for two weeks!
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13th June 2018, 21:55
Do feel free to participate more widely, drmorgans. As I said, that type of post on this site is extremely rare (and ginge doesn't have a history of them).

I'd be interested if ginge could find the thread that caused the misunderstanding. I always found Santa's Little Helper - later redundantelf - a pleasant correspondent.
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14th June 2018, 10:56
Hi drmorgans please accept my profuse apologies and I do hope you'll participate in future challenges. I'm shortly going to post an explanation on the Clueless thread.
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