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7th December 2017, 03:25
Hi all, I'm having some difficulty trying to look back at some posts from a few years ago. I've put the month and year in their appropriate boxes (Bottom of the page, about 4" to the left of the 'New Thread') and clicked on Go. However, regardless of the dates I put in, it's only the current page that keeps reappearing. I assume I'm doing something wrong, but for the life of me I can't figure out what. I would really appreciate some guidance on this. Thanks

PS. II won't be able to check back on your replies, and respond, until tomorrow evening.
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7th December 2017, 08:44
Hi Brendan
The same happened when I tried it.
You should let Norah know.
Have you tried 'search' (top right) with the title of the thread?
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7th December 2017, 08:52

I entered an example into Google :

" + August 2014" and this gives several results for that timeline.

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7th December 2017, 08:56
I have just entered "Guardian" in the search box and October 2012 in the date box and had good results from 2012.
So, it is necessary to use both search and date boxes
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7th December 2017, 19:08
Ok, thanks Rossim, thanks Cerasus. In my case, I just wanted to look back over various dates in the past, rather than posts relating to specific journals, so the various fixes suggested won't work. Anyway, I've made Norah aware of the problem and will take it from there. Thanks again.
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